Battery drain issues with 955 Solar

Upgraded to a new 955 Solar, battery life does not  last longer than 9/10.  I have restarted the watch, i use a basic face watch, the Oximeter is set on demand only, i don't have any other gadget linked.  If i complete an activity it will lose 5/8%.  Solar part  doesn't charge or keep the battery charged therefore also not  useful. Not suitable for long distance races or to wear as normal watch as you are constantly charging it .  Any suggestions are appreciated

  • I am in the same boat. That's just the way the cookie crumbles. Waiting for the new update...always. 1 thing fixed, 2 messed up...

    • Thanks,  it's just annoying that there is no real fix and they keep advertising a battery life of 15/16 days. 
  • I bought mine Feb 10, I left the battery drain until it had around 5% left (out of the box battery)... It reached 100% in a couple of hours. 

    Afterwards, I wore it for 3 hours whilst working in my desk and battery drained to 95%. 

    After browsing through some other posts this is what I learned:

    *Download latest sw version in Connect App, 14.15 as of Feb 13. 

    *Disable Strava segments option in the Connect App 

    *Make sure O2 sensor is set to 'On Demand'. 

    Currently waiting to see if all of these had any effect in my watch as I did them a few minutes ago (charged it back to 100% after all of these steps above). 

  • Charged mine today at 9am. Now at 9pm it is at 97%.

    During a 1h30min run with gps+all and wrist gesture light it loses about 8%.

    Where is the problem?

    Tipically I would recharge it every 6 days, but with a shower (at least...) every 2 days there are no problems (you charge it during shower)

  • What firmware are you running?

    i found that battery drain on my watch was elevated in the recent FW updates. in my experience using All Satellites (not full multiband), my watch has consistently, since day 1, burned right at spec -- about 3%/hour. the Smartwatch drain, however has been more variable. for the past several months, i was seeing on average just under 7%/day overall for the Big Easy watch face. there was some "day to day variability" but that was largely true with the exception of at least once per charge cycle there would be a 3-4% drain over a few hours.

    for FW 14.13, that smart watch drain was closer to 8%/day with a couple "bad periods." in the 4 day since installing 14.15, with a very limited sample size, things are better. no sporadic battery drops and i'm actually averaging close to 6%/day.

    right now, after almost exactly four days since i charged to 99%, i have lost 35% but logged 3:15 of GPS activities. i would extrapolate that then to be mean a 25% drain for smart watch over 4 days, or 6.25%/day. that's about as good as it's ever been in recent history (except when i got tons of sun last summer and used a lower consumption watch face), so i'm cautiously hopeful that they may have fixed a couple things behind the scenes. we shall see.

    it does seem that battery drain issues are very user specific. i have serious doubts it is hardware related, but somehow, different individual settings and apps/watch faces/connect iq seem to cause more drain for some than others. 

    thankfully, i've never had "huge" drains reported here. i feel for folks who have experienced such extreme behaviors and wonder if those are potentially hardware related or again, so peculiar settings or interactions with ones phone.

    for the record, my settings and configuration are:

    Big Easy (always on seconds but those go off from 10pm-7am during "sleep setting")

    no wifi

    pulse ox on demand

    BT connected to my iPhone ios16.3, only phone calls are sent as notifications (but i do read messages and have the watch face display a counter of accumulated notification).

  • Thanks for your post, 

    I'm really curious about your battery consumption with 14.15, so, please, if you don't mind, keep posting this interesanting info when you can! :-D

  • you bet. i was reluctant to post given that i only have 4 days of experience with this new release, but i have recently (before 14.15) seen some sort of momentary rapid drop in battery life within the first 30% (from 100%) of most battery cycles.

    quite honestly, it is striking right now to see Flipstone's battery monitor glance tell me i still have 7.2 days left at the rate of i have been burning battery over the past 4.2 days. that's a greater battery endurance than i've seen in a long time given my typical level of GPS activities. (roughly 5 hours per week).

    fingers crossed that this sort of behavior will continue.

    yet, to be perfectly honest, for my use case, even when things are "bad" i still usually can comfortably get through my routine of charging once a week with plenty to spare (projecting 10 days of net endurance with my typical GPS usage).

  • I'm on 14.15.

    Charged 23h ago

  • Wow, that's really great!

    Which are your settings regarding BT/notifications, Wifi, HR or PulseOx, for example?

    By the way, is that a stock watch face? Smiley

  • Did you have battery issues before? I charged to 100% yesterday at around 1 pm. Just played 1 hour of tennis and today I woke up with 86%. Gesture if off. Strava segments off. everything else is as it came out of the box.