Running pace filter time now set to a minute !?

Today I was out for an intervall session and noticed that the FR955 pace is now useless after one of the recent updates. I was running 20 times 1min/1min 3:45/6:00min/km. It was impossible to reach 3:45min/km pace (alert: to slow) within a minute and also impossible to reach 6:00min/km pace (alert: to fast) in the following minute. It looked like the pace filter time is set to arround 1min, which makes it useless for short intervalls. Even for 5min intervalls it would still be anoying as to slow/fast alerts would pop in the first minute of the transitions. 

The pace that was reported after each segment was correct. Example: maximum displayed pace during 1min intervall ~3:50min/km, segment pace that is shortly visible after each minute was 3:40min/km. 

I had my last outdoor intervall training in October last year (pace was displayed correctly), so this was introduced with some update between November and today. I can imagine that the strong filtering was introduced to use the pace as input to the running power calculation that seems to be new as well. 

Is there any way to set the pace filter time back to like ~5-10s, as it was before ? Otherwise the watch would no longer support intervall sessions as it is highly annoying. 

BTW: the pace graph in the app is also wrong, super slow and smooth acceleration in between the intervalls, taking roughly a minute to reach resting-pace. 


  • Not in my case.

    Done a progressive run with 5" pace step every 1km. 5:00-4:55-4:50 and so on till 3:55 and no problems detected

  • Do you also use Software version 14.13 ?

    Not sure if the problem is visible with these small pace steps. If I run slow and then accelerate quickly, it takes a minute until the new high pace is being reached.

  • Yes, 14.13.

    Just done 11×400m at 3:20/km pace. After a steady recover I had correct pace after 15s into the rep.

  • Hi, I have noticed that the pace felt slower to update few days ago (useless on intervals), but I was doing a steady run so didn't pay too much attention. 

    your comment makes me worry. Were you ever (or are you) in the beta testing group? If yes, our GPS FW has been updated to 2.42, while everybody else is still on 2.37, even after changing to 4.13 and then 4.15

    Miky and Tweety955, can you confirm your GPS version? 

    After buying and returning a Fenix 6 because it was unusable doing intervals I am really concerned that the garmin folks don't care about something like that anymore

    thank you

  • This is NOT good and hopefully not the case as it would basically make the watch almost useless for running focused athletes!  It actually annoys me that the pace metric shown on the watch is only in 5sec intervals (i.e. 5:45, 5:50, 5:55, etc.).  Why can't we see paces reported to the second?!

  • I have no ideaa what they are doing. The 5sec thing annoys me too. I really don't understand. I agree that you can't have the pace bouncing around (I have a kayak machine that has zero filtering and the pace changes every second), but missing completely 5sec and (hopefully we are wrong here) filtering too much is insane. 

    I would tolerate that from an apple watch, but not from a garmin forerunner. This might be my last one :( 

  • Average pace is displayed to 1 second resolution so you can use that. For pace-based workouts I never use instantaneous pace anymore. It's annoying given that the watch's GPS is extremely accurate so there's no reason that instantaneous pace can't be computed to the second.

  • average pace is it averaged over previous few seconds (like the pace should be), or for the entire lap? If it is for the entire lap I find not useful unfortunately 

    but yes, absolutely no reason why the pace shouldn't be displayed to the second. I have audio alarms and they notify me with 1 sec increment, not rounded to 5sec. 

  • It's lap average pace. It could still be useful for you even if you're doing only 1 minute intervals, as I'd think your instantaneous pace would be stabilizing in the first 5-10 seconds of the interval. If you're doing 30 sec intervals that might be a different story.

    If you're relying on target pace alarms that's kind of a problem, as alarms can only be set for instantaneous pace (from what I recall).

  • Hi Sören!

    Have got the same behavior on today's interval run. But on fr255m, they used the same firmware. I think it is only (heh-heh) 30sec average, but it is useless too. See my post here.

    It's really bad mistake, you never reach the right pace, first - too slow, after - pace too high! Got only 50% fo my execution today Slight smile