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Developer criticism for the software in the 955 watch

When do you want to offer such a bugged software? It's like you don't test what you put here at all? We bought these watches for a lot of money and too much time has passed to fix them with your team. Every new version comes with more and more bugs. If you don't like it, put your head down, admit your mistake, and give it to some more skilled developer.

  • It is a disgrace and a disrespect towards us 

  • It seems they stopped providing the update (still at 60% rollout after 1 week). Let’s hope the developers are reading this forum and try to solve all these bugs.

  • 100% agree, it's absolute garbage ATM.

  • That they stopped the update happens every time. This is the result of them releasing software versions without real testing. With such behavior, they not only lose customers, but also spoil their reputation around the world. I sure hope they draw some consequences. They do this at a time when Apple is breathing down their necks. One wonders if this is not done on purpose so that Apple can overtake Garmin.

  • the software they release is in beta and they pass it off as official. We paid to beta testers for free 

  • it gets worse with every update.

  • My patience is also nearby zero. I'm a loyal Garmin user for many many years, but I'm very close to give other brands a chance because there are more or less no missing features yet. The advantage of Garmin's full feature-set isn't there any more. Especially it only works on Fenix series more or less.

    To sell premium watches (yes, the Forerunner 955 is the watch for athletes) with such SW problems is a NO GO!

    Every update has more features but also new bugs and old ones are not fixed.

    Sorry   - this is not OK :-(

  • I 100% agree. These developers are terrible. It looks like they have no responsibility for their work. If I did such a poor job, I would be fired immediately. I like Garmin, but my next watch will probably not be Garmin. Every time they realise new software, they fix one bug but create two new ones.

  • honestly, I've been with my 955 for a few months, and if the situation doesn't change, I'm going to return my watch and change it for a phoenix, adding difference, and if this problem continues to persist with software development... I'm going to have to change Coros or any other brand.

  • I think it's a fault of every garmin division, they don't take care of their software, they have an old mentality (if they are more than a few devs for all garmin).
    Just look at the mobile application where is like impossibile to find the data that you want at first shoot or the free react template Dizzy face(with a very little customization) they are using for connect.garmin... there is no ui/ux job in what they are doing, no management, nothing... Fenix and forerunner are the same, why they are developing same things two time?

    Everythings seems like a one man job Sweat smile and I really hope it is Grin
    Managers are getting big money by selling alpha stuff with no developing beneat Money mouth