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Todays Exercise load attributed to following day?

On my Garmin 955 todays (Wednesday 7th) exercise load shows as  tomorrow (Thursday 8th) although there is no “T” to the right  of the “W” Is this just showing current ??  .. Connect App is correct

updated to 13.22 today, I have powered off and on watch

  • Definitely a time zone issue , as sometimes the load is spread across 2 days

  • Hi I have discovered this issue as well after updating to 14.13,  my time zone east coast Australia

  • Of course, you could move to the UK, Ireland, Iceland, Faroe or Portugal, or parts of West Africa, and the problem would go away. A bit of a drastic fix, though. Wink

  • is this issue for the “exercise load glance” being investigated?

  • Hello thomas.  I do not see any reports submitted directly to Garmin Product support.  I encourage you to reach out directly to your local Garmin Product support team to formally submit this disruption as the forums are only a user supported community.

    Garmin Product Support

  • @garmin-kevin i can't speak for thomas but i have certainly reported this issue - last year. Ref: 23554680K1

    i am concerned that it might be part of a wider issue making the training guidance incorrect



    I’ve emailed support, received an acknowledgment of case then never heard back (last year)

     I’ve also called my local support and they sent me an email telling me to update using Garmin Express, didn’t fix it, and no replies from emails

    I’ve also had 3 seperate issues since 14.13

    • reboots after loading course
    • freeze on performance condition notification during running activity 
    • Swimming activities reporting 0 load and 5kcal even though Hr was recorded correctly 

    other than waiting on the phone, on hold for ages, how else can I report these issues?

  • similar story for me. to be fair, garmin support and engineering teams must be pretty busy with so many bugs from the 955 - i've myself got 3 open bugs and they seem to be focussing on the battery drain which is the most significant (not that they've made any progress on that in the last 2 months), though this load issue seems like a simple timezone mistake that should be a quick and easy fix.

    as a long time user of many garmin products, i'm wondering if i need to cut my losses and switch brands. maybe send them an invoice for the many hours of my time they have wasted helping them with these bugs.

  • I'm loving my 955 for the most part, thankfully battery life is not a concern for me (I don't have the time for long enough endurance events and I simply charge whilst taking a shower)

    But like you, I get frustrated at the time it takes to report/troubleshoot an obvious bug.  I simply don't have time to sit on phone calls waiting for support, but I am more than happy to fire off a quick email with screen shots and logs if required, however, emails sent to [email protected] simply go unanswered - for me at least.  I've only ever had one response and I think that was because I managed to submit a case via the website somehow.. can't find that option anymore.

    So what usually happens is that I shrug and hope that the bug will be addressed in the. next release, however, everytime I read the update notes I'm left dissapointed.