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Training Status Shows Updated Status on Watch Widget, but Will Not Update in Garmin Connect

Training Status stuck for over a week at 530 load and maintaining 

  • Ah, on that GCM it draws it so that there's blank ones.. and same here, that metric is just from when I got 955, new metric. And it says my acute load being what it was last time I did activity. In the watch itself it shows like it would have been a week ago, but oh man, Thursday, maybe I need to check tomorrow do I have F there in the last day or is it just drawing the days from the last data point, not from current day as it should kind of be in my opinion and it could be pretty empty like the "Excercise load" is in the watch.

    So apparently acute load is only calculated after activity or something and if you rest, your acute load just stays the same. This kind of feels wrong.

    But I don't understand how my training status can be productive with full week of being sick.

  • I just had the idea of re-adding my 945 and syncing to see what happened.

    It imported no acute load data to the 945 since my first run with the 955 (June 12) despite me running every single day so it's showing as zero and I'm "de-Training" :D

    *Clearly* there's a problem here with data being shared between the 955 and other devices. 

  • I don't understand what you were expecting with that. I don't think that 945 support acute load, it was 955 new feature. Some of the data it seemed to prefill from 945 when switched but not these new things.

  • It's always been there on the 945, I've got Acute Load data from the 945 going back to June 2020.

  • Mine Acute Load seems to be stuck. Now couple of days training again and it's just that 694.. Umm.. 

  • And I don't think it would need more data than what not.. swimrun and swims.. they give load and.. manual just talks:
    "Acute Load Acute load is a weighted sum of your excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) for the last several days. The gauge indicates whether your current load is low, optimal, high, or very high. The optimal range is based on your individual fitness level and training history. The range adjusts as your training time and intensity increase or decrease."

  • Oh well, did a own post about it as it's not directly related to the training status unchanged (=stuck) :D 

  • My training status finally updated this morning! Exactly 3 weeks after starting to use the 955 so presumably it's now got enough data again.

  • Ok, so it would seem to require the HRV data to be learned then? I'm not there yet.. Soon, but the acute load then, oh well. Don't want to do any reset before it learns the HRV.

  • Have others experienced this? I was sick for a week and during that time my watch in training readiness was showing acute load as static and now after two activities it's still showing the same screen and value. just the day abbreviations under it get's changed to current day.

    Exercise load seems to show right bars, but those don't get to acute the load.

    In the GCM it looks like this:

    And in the watch:

    Anyone else seeing this? And any ideas what is happening and how to solve (other than factory reset all over, would be nice to get the HRV learned as almost there).