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Training Status Shows Updated Status on Watch Widget, but Will Not Update in Garmin Connect

Training Status stuck for over a week at 530 load and maintaining 

  • I doubt a reset would fix this. It looks like a bug to me.

  • Yes, it's clearly a bug, it shouldn't show data like and why it doesn't even calculate new value and what not, but root cause is unknown.

    There might be some workarounds to get it "woken up" again, like the reset or something, but yeah, not very much liking to to do too big resets as the pain to set up the watch takes for ever. 

    We can now set up the profiles in the GCM, would be nice to have also backups for the settings that can be restored.

  • Same issue I think my watch is also stuck on the same acute load, & GCM is stuck, I record my bike rides on my edge and that is showing a history 

    but the edge is showing a history

     And on the watch

  • I don't think it was the HRV that triggered the training status to start working again. I started getting the HRV status after 19 days, the training status started working again after 21. 

    Those numbers fit with timescales I've read elsewhere and it's just a coincidence that they're very close. Just my opinion though!

  • Ok.. Well I got my first HRV today. I was sick for a week during it learning myself, hopefully it will use more data when available to learn me better in the future and it's not just the 19 days that sets the baseline forever (and my acute load is still stuck).


  • So it might be some TrueUp issue. I have other devices (eg. Edge 530) and TrueUp is enabled, but haven't recorded activities in other watches either during that period.

  • And yes.. it seems that the manual says that the HRV status is 7 day rolling average.


    Ok good then, hopefully :) 

  • Hi, just upgraded my 945 to a 955 and I have a similar problem with the Acute Load. It only seem to consider activities recorded on the watch and not e.g. from my bike computer (Garmin Edge 520)… this needs a bug fix soon as all numbers gets screwed.

  • For me, even if I record new activities in 955, it's still not updating it. My screen looks still as in the first post.. just the letters for the days have changed so latest is W.

  • No.. Not good. The value it looks is 7d day average, but the value it expects to be inside (my baseline) is the HRV average learned.. and in my opinion that hasn't changed from 39-61. Now I've documented here, I can see later has it been changing and if not, the question comes, how can I retrain it as being sick during learning probably wasn't the best thing.