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Training Status Shows Updated Status on Watch Widget, but Will Not Update in Garmin Connect

Training Status stuck for over a week at 530 load and maintaining 

  • I upgraded from a 945 to a 955 Solar on. 11 June. I had my 945 for a bit over 2 years.

    Since then,. I've logged 12 runs of varying intensities but my Training Status has remained unchanged at 'Maintaining' all that time.

    From experience with my 945, that's incredibly unusual to have a constant training status for so long. It's not beyond the realms of possibility but in that time my VO2 max has gone up from 52 to 53 and my predicted race times are coming down.

    In The Connect App, the historic data only goes back to May 27 for the 955.


    I can select the (inactive) 945 and see the following, which looks correct to me, based on my performances over this period.

    Why is it logging different Training Status in the two watches and seemingly not using the 955 as the primary watch? Baffling!

    The only thing I can think of is that it's waiting for the 3 week HRV Status to kick in but that doesn't seem to make any sense either!

    Any ideas?

  • hard to say...but if you use Run Analyze, you can get a more granular look at your VO2max to see if it really has changed appreciably or remained steady. in my experience, my V02max fell when i took on my 955 Solar (from the 945LTE) because it had my max HR wrong. once i figured out that setting, things stabilized and i've been back to "Maintaining" for the last few days (it seems like it took a while to stabilize and that was also hurt by one run where it was really warm (relative to my normal runs) and i had a high HR for a modest pace)

  • I have the same issue,my training status is maintenance about 7 weeks, first with the 745 and now with the 955 ,i have recovering in a week of less intensity and productive 1 day and the rest of the time is maintenance Grin i reached Garmin support and they looked at my account and sayd its everything ok,they have their algorithm to evaluate every run and their predictions was on line with my last best efforts. They tell me they are sorry for the watch don't corresponde to my expectations but in the end this is only an recreational watch Hear no evil

  • My training status has been unproductive since I upgraded from the 945. For the 955, I am seeing "unproductive since May 27". I started using the watch 6/7. In DC Rainmaker's review, he states that he believes there's a bug where it doesn't seem to port over historical data, but rather rebuilds from scratch, which takes 3-5 weeks. Also, I don't wear my watch outside of training, so I don't know if HRV comes into play now that they are using it? I hope that's not the case because I won't be wearing my watch to bed.

  • If it's not importing the historic database then that seems to make sense. 

    I'll try contacting support and see if there's a solution.

  • I'd be interested to see what your pace predictors are looking like for 5/10k/half/marathon.

    Since changing over to the 955 2 weeks back, my 5k predictor time has gone from 19 minutes 10 seconds to 18 minutes 5 seconds... flattering, but I know I can only just break 19 minutes for my 5km time. 

    Anyone else having similar issues? My other race times all seem to match up time wise, just not the 5km, maybe also linked to not importing historic data correctly?

  • My predicted race times all changed when I started wearing the 955, you can see here:

    I always thought those times were somewhat optimistic but they've been gradually improving as I've been wearing the watch.

    There's obviously something not right. No response from support despite 2 emails so far.

  • Something fishy and BUGS BUGS BUGS.. My training status is productive and I've not been able to do anything since last Thursday when I last did swimrun and then got some summer flu.

    Training status just keeps productive, which really cannot be.

    I think I would guess the cause is that ACUTE LOAD is broken. It still says OPTIMAL - 694, and shows the graph that has not been updated since the thursday I did that run.. the graph has new dates on the Acute Load page but it just keeps moving.and then in Exercise Load the full page is empty, without any activities.

    So clearly ACUTE LOAD is broken and it at least messes everything.

    Interestingly in training status it's acute load optimal - 694, but then in training readyness it's acute load Low, without any number. BUT both show the same frozen graph then and Optimal 694.

  • Didn't find acute load from GCW. Just this that says the same 694 for today, but categories it Low, which looks the same as in GCM, no more info like in the watch.

  • Interesting. My Acute Load looks right but it only goes back to June 11 so that's not carried over either.