HRV very low and native power issues


So my HRV score for the last week has been very low, 35 average every night. I'm 34 with a vo2 of 60 and I feel like I'm sleeping well.

Anyone else experiencing low HRV scores?

Also, tried native power out with the HR Pro strap rather than my stryd pod and it's waaaaaay too high. I went for a recovery run on flat ground @ 10 minute mile pace and it averaged 380w, that would normally be 210w for me with stryd and the Garmin connect app thinks I'm doing threshold intervals, any idea if I can calibrate it?Joy


  • I see that we agree to a great fraction. Yes running-power calculations are certainly no exact science and cannot compete with the accuracy of cycling power meters, but in my opinion the situation is not so bad. Some contributions of the overall running power can actually be calculated at a good accuracy, and then a careful compatibility assessment allows to derive meaningful values for the rest - not good enough for percentage accuracy, but definitely usable.

  • Definitely not as accurate as in cycling, I agree. But regarding taking into account different surfaces there are already solutions with improved accuracy (I can't go into detail, that's not the purpose of Garmin forums).

  • i have 34 hr avarage at night too. Im 40 and vo2max of 58 in cycling and 55 in running. In fact i sleep to little (2 kids and full time job) maybe it has some influence. We will see what illnes wil bring. 

    Running power is just a gimmick for me. On cycling are real power meters thoo. 

  • i'm 53 (with VO2max of 53... would be lovely to keep this age/vo2max equality in the years ahead), and after the required 19 days, i get an HRV status. my 7 day average is 33 and it reports my baseline is 32-36ms.

    as has been said by others, it seems to be really individually based, not based on age and VO2max.

  • My average actually dropped to 71 because I run after night shift and only sleep 4 hours and have a low score, before this night was 76. As you see change person to person