Can't set HR Zones manually?

On the Forerunner 945 I was able to manually set my HR Zones. I use TrainingPeaks and a HR zone calculation that comes from CTS. I'd like to plug those zones in for my HRZ on the 955 Solar, but there doesn't appear to be a way to do that manually. Everything seems a calculation that's deferred to the watch.

Any pointers or help?

  • I'm surprised that no one else has commented on this post. Am I the only one who needs to set these manually?

  • HR zones can be set on the app

    Garmin Devices -> User Profile -> HR Zones

    You can set a base HR which should go through to your sport specific zones and sync to the watch. 

    There’s a few issues with HR zones that we’re hoping Garmin will fix very soon. This aspect of the watch (especially with HR oriented workouts) has frustrated me beyond count. 

    But yes, you can amend HR zones via the app. 

  • Thank you, . Sadly, this isn't working for me. Please see this recording that shows there's a bug in the Garmin Mobile app that prevents me from successfully setting these zones.

    You'll see that there's a bug when setting Z4.

  • Hi, I think you can get around your video bug if you start at Z5 and set it then move to Z4 and so on. It doesn't set a value if one is already taken in another zone. That is how I got around it.

    I am having a different issue though. I can set all values manually and set watch to not auto update max hr but it disregards the values for every wo showing I worked in higher zones than I actually did. I have reset HR zones and removed Stort specific HR zones but nothing has helped. 

  • I created a thread on here about this issue and also logged a ticket with Garmin. 
    They required screenshots even though I had explained we are not able to edit our sport/running heart rate.  I have sent them images of my Fenix 7 heart rate settings to compare against my 955.

    I am absolutely shocked and appalled there has been no communication from them on here since day 1, not even an acknowledgement that they are working on fixes.

    I am amazed editing heart rate settings what not picked up on during testing as surely this is something that has to be configured and not left as default by runners.

    Garmin this is appalling customer service and is seriously making me consider my future with you.

  • I also set this manually from the watch, and garmin is adjusting this. However I haven't been running yet to my max HR. I remember that after such run watch sets this correctly and keeps it.