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Cant start a course on my FR 955

Hi, before I updated to the latest software, I could do my courses. Now, everytime I go to Navigation, Course and Do course it throw me back to the point of interest window. How can I fix this pleaseee???

  • Hmmm, notice the same... I actually only do courses straight from an activity (run, bike, etc) and that does work fine so perhaps you can use that?  (I also notice that the course I try through navigation, which then indeed goes back to the selection screen, is loaded when I exit it by pressing back a few times qucikly and then start up an activity...)

  • Do you mean, lets say, I'm going for a walk, so I start a Walk working first then long press menu and look for courses and then start the course? Like that?

  • Yes, for example:

    Start walk -> press up to go to menu -> navigation -> Courses -> select the course (will then show the outline) -> press start -> do course

    It wil show the loading screen and you'll return to the walk activity but the course is then loaded (you can check using the map field but it should also show the 'distance' to the course)

    Hope this helps

  • Thank you sir. I will do it once I get home from work. Quick question, when doing the course do you get turn by turn navigation right? Not just a straight line correct?

  • yup, so far I've only used it for (trail)running and perhaps a bike ride though. You can set navigation mode per activity I believe (could with the FR945 at least) so IF it shows a straight line, which I can't imagine, then look into that as well.

  • i've only done one course so far on my 955, but it worked very well. i had created the course on Garmin Connect on the web (i was traveling so set up a running route), and as FlipStone suggested, i selected the course within my run activity and it gave me nice turn by turn navigation pop ups on my data screen. didn't get lost nor did i have to even consult the map page during the whole 6 mile run.

  • Amazing, Thanks for the comment