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Velcro strap 22mm vs one comes with 955


I am thinking to get one from  ( (Abanen Hook and Loop Quick Dry Watch Band) which is almost same as Yooside one.

  • I know one comes with 955 is pretty good and wondering if velcro strap would be better for measuring HR correctly when long running/sprint/biking and so on.
  • Is there any other benefit I can get from velcro strap other than comfort ?
  • I am also wondering how often I need to wash the band.
  • Thinking to get two so that I can swap after each run and wondering if anyone is doing this. Because I am worried about smell from the band due to sweat.

Thank you

  • I don't see anyone "cheerleading" here, it's just to have some clarity on what we're talking about, and the use of "Yooside" in brackets.

    Anyway if you get a chance to look up your AE history maybe the listing is still active you bought it from is still active and you can share it.

    EDIT - so I just spent some time on AE and came up empty handed and I'm usually pretty good at finding stuff, even on AE, so again a link/item number would be much appreciated !

  • That "Coros" strap looks an exact "clone" of the well known tabbed versions available for a few € on AE ;-) In fact that's probably the exact same model posted by "SMR" above ;-) Maybe they do have larger and stronger pins but that would have to be verified !

  • Looks great, seems very similar to the one I found, Good luck!

  • you can use any 22mm quickfit band with the 955

  • if you feel like getting creative you can even make your own band, you just need 38/40/41mm Apple Watch Sport bands, some scissors and a little bit of sewing skills (mine are not great, but it's not a much sewing). you can get the knockoff bands to use on Etsy/Ali express fairly cheap. 

  • Update after a few days wearing the watch with this band...Its a real benefit over the standard band, The watch stays more in place , seems less noticeable on the wrist. so far well worth it!

  • Were you able to look up your AE history for a link to this listing ? I'd like to get another strap like this and don't fancy paying the 18€ price asked by Yooside, thanks !

  • Does pins are equal to original spring bars? i ordered some 3rd party strap and it was all jiggly

  • It's a bit jiggly but not so that it is worrying, in fact with the strap on in normal wear and running I really appreciate the step versus the original. It seems lighter and holds the watch in place better, I've used it every day and night since I bought and fitted it with no issues and I'm very happy I did it!

  • Yeah it's super jiggly, the pins being very thin ! I would definitely NOT swim with that strap or take it anywhere dropping it would be a problem.