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Velcro strap 22mm vs one comes with 955


I am thinking to get one from  ( (Abanen Hook and Loop Quick Dry Watch Band) which is almost same as Yooside one.

  • I know one comes with 955 is pretty good and wondering if velcro strap would be better for measuring HR correctly when long running/sprint/biking and so on.
  • Is there any other benefit I can get from velcro strap other than comfort ?
  • I am also wondering how often I need to wash the band.
  • Thinking to get two so that I can swap after each run and wondering if anyone is doing this. Because I am worried about smell from the band due to sweat.

Thank you

  • I have been using the Velcro strap listed above on Amazon for 6 months now on my 945.  I wear the watch 24x7 and exercise daily training for Ironman distance.  The watch band is very comfortable and stays put.  I prefer it over the quick-fit as the elastic nature adapts during training.

  • This is the £2.14 (under £5 after UK vat  + delivery) version from Aliexpress which seems identical to the one sold on Amazon as far as I can tell

  • I just received the one I ordered on Amazon for my White 955 and it fitted easily. Will see how it works. The one linked at the top of the post looks great but they dont have a white(ish) it seems.

  • How do you remove the old strap?

  • It's a very simple process and took only a few seconds.  There is a spring loaded pin inside each of the OG Garmin straps and each has a small ridge at the side.

    Take the watch and place it upside down on a table with a cloth or something to protect the watch.

    Take a kitchen knife (I used a sharp one as the blade is thinner)

    With your nail, pull back in the silicone rubber watch band on one side.

    inter the knife blade against the watch band holder of the watch, pressing downs against the pin

    If you then move the knife slowly towards the other side , the pin should close in against the spring loading and come out quite easily

    The watch band that I linked in my post above has a handy pin with a quick release fitment. I must say after a few days use I am very happy with it. It looks Ok and does make the watch fit better and is more adjustable than the stock band.

    I hope that helps

  • Yeah I've got a bunch of these but the pins are very narrow and I would not wear them for anything "dangerous", even for swimming. Also the tabs extend out a bit too much to my taste.

    The Yooside is the most secure one since it relies on the strong pins that come with the watch (not as strong as the screwed one of the 935...) and can't come off thanks to the plastic tab. It's also easier to put on than the cheaper ones linked in the OP that require you to squeeze your hand through.

  • The "Yooside" is more expensive but a lot better as it's secure thanks to the plastic tab and you don't have to squeeze your hand through like with the "Abanen".
    As for washing I wouldn't worry about it, I just soak it in water+soap it from time to time but smell's never been an issue.
    A HUGE benefit (besides weight) compared to any other kind of strap is that you can really make it "hug" your wrist for optimal HR readings, as well as easily move it up a bit where there's more flesh.

  • I've never found the "Yooside" type on Aliexpress for a significantly cheaper price than on Amazon, which I must say I found odd. Do you have a direct link or item number ? Thanks !

  • I've never found the "Yooside" type on Aliexpress for a significantly cheaper price than on Amazon, which I must say I found odd. Do you have a direct link or item number ? Thanks !

    If you search for Yooside on Aliexpress you'll find the (expensive) one on Amazon but just buy the same thing from several other vendors - look for the plastic tab on one end.

    I got mine several months ago before people started cheerleading a specific brand....I don't have the specific number or anything as I got it a while back.

  • Thanks!! A shame that Garmin, for some reason, didn't make the 955 with quick fit. They would maybe sell a few exstra straps.

    I miight try this strap from Coros -