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Velcro strap 22mm vs one comes with 955


I am thinking to get one from  ( (Abanen Hook and Loop Quick Dry Watch Band) which is almost same as Yooside one.

  • I know one comes with 955 is pretty good and wondering if velcro strap would be better for measuring HR correctly when long running/sprint/biking and so on.
  • Is there any other benefit I can get from velcro strap other than comfort ?
  • I am also wondering how often I need to wash the band.
  • Thinking to get two so that I can swap after each run and wondering if anyone is doing this. Because I am worried about smell from the band due to sweat.

Thank you

  • i can't speak to the above strap, but i have had experience using the excellent nylon strap from Nick Mankey. not only is that strap nylon-like (not 100% sure of the entire make up of the material) but also a little flexible/stretchy which gives me a great snug fit that i can easily adapt to wearing around town or if i want to tighten it to ensure good OHR measurements. of course it's over twice the cost and takes 8-10 weeks to get a custom strap, but to me it was worth the wait and cost.

    i wear my watch 24/7 and i shower with it. i will usually quickly shampoo the watch itself every few times i shower (ie, maybe every other shower) while i'm wearing it, and occasionally, if i detect some build up of odor, hand wash it with hand soap (liquid) in the sink. that's worked fine for a band i had with my 945LTE and now on the 955. after 7 months, the band is still doing very well and hasn't discolor nor developed any horrible odors.

    i used a similar cleaning technique with my nylon "The Band" which i used with my Timex Ironman watches a couple decades ago. shampoo, at least for me usually worked well for cleaning. only difference is that band took longer to dry and i also didn't wear those Timex watches to sleep.

  • Thank you for the explanation !

    I am wondering how long you need to wait for nylon strap from Nick Mankey to get dried when you shower with it.

  • i can only give you a vague 1-2 hours? honestly, i don't notice it but it dries quickly enough for me. i will try to pay attention tomorrow, but it's plenty fast for me and i am not bothered by it being damp right out of the shower. ie, it's comfortable for me even right out of the shower and i don't bother to try to "pat dry" it or anything. and something some time later, i'll notice it's completely dry.

  • i made various bands and currently use the one you linked. its a bit overpriced but not as much as garmin by any means.

    anyway id recommend it. doesnt smell bad  i also wear these 24/7 and the plastic tab ensure it doesnt  fray. i basicslly shower and go to bed and dknt even notice its wet . the se shed water rather quickly. iit doesnt make the hr contact all that much better but its better due to the lower profile.

  • Thanks derek87 and kangsterizer. I ordered it :)

  • phew, aliexpress - $2 get 7 of them for the priceJoy

  • oh do you have a link for that ? I cannot find one

  • These are 1/3 of the price on Aliexpress btw

  • theyre not the same ones. one way loop with plastic tab is far better than the 2 ways without plastic tab.

  • Yes, with the plastic loop stop on one end.  They look identical to me. cost me £2.14 + shipping + 20% UK VAT, came to under £5.

    I'm pretty sure they are generic Chinese imports just resold with a brand name on Amazon tbh.