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Battery consumption: initial observations?

i know it's probably way to early to start this discussion, but i figure crowd sourcing may yield some insights. in short, after very disappointing battery use, in particular smart watch mode endurance on my 945LTE, i have been hyperaware of how much battery use my 955 Solar is using. just overnight (8-9 hours), i was surprised to see it dropped 3-4%. it may be that the battery gauge is poorly calibrated, but so far, even though one would guess it has a larger battery than the 945LTE, i'm finding consumption not very different.

on the positive side, for my one activity so far, a 70 minute run with Multiband+All satellites, i used up 6% which right on target with spec. (basically zero sun since i ran before and just as the sun was coming up).

i'd love to hear other people's impressions and experiences as some of you have had the watch (just a bit ;) ) longer.

  • From 90% yesterday morning to 65% this morning.

    1x 30 min trail run full sats + music

    1x 30 min walk low sats no music

    1x 1hr hiking low sats no music.

    How do we contact the correct Garmin team about it out of interest so they can investigate?

  • No GPS activities, only 2.5 hours of indoor biking and used 1.9% per hour, so a measly 2 days of battery life, crazy they released it like that...or that no one noticed!

  • I agree. Restart after the activity helps. I spent 2 hours in the full sun after the bike ride and with solar charge it lost 5-6% in maybe 2 hours. I am only afraid that we are going to wait for a while for a firmware that fixes (all) noticed bugs. It looks like it's going to be a looong summer and I got this 955 solar to use it a lot during the summer.

    I have also noticed that Komoot (selected Komoot from Activities, then the Route (downloaded offline) - then Bike - then Do Course) during bike ride did not show turns or anything, only when I got on the right course and course completed at the end. During the Run it worked. Used the same route at the same time on Polar Grit X - worked as it should, with turns. I still have to test it with another route.

  • things continue to be pretty stable (battery-wise for me). problem described below got me into a continuous reboot sequence (will move that to the other thread)

    yet, i encountered a strange phenomenon this morning (indoors, so Solar didn't make this happen): i woke to the battery being at 81% and then while trying to help coach my friend through Map Pan/Zoom (on the 945LTE i sold him), my watch crashed. when it came back up, it was at 82%. very odd.

    yet on the stable side of things: i'm now at 2.8 days of usage which included a 67 minute run with All Satellites. very minimal solar these past three days as i'm working indoors and the run was at sunrise so i don't think there was appreciable charging. 

    so smartwatch use for Coros Apex Like with 1hz HR and seconds always on, but lower power during sleeping hours is checking at 5-6%/day which is quite good.

  • Gonna ask this one again ;) Did you use a sensor (like HRM, something ANT+ related but maybe Bluetooth as well)?

    If so, please try restarting after an activity using external sensors... That seems to fix it 99 out of a 100 times for me. No need for th elooooong press light button method, you can use the 'power off' hotkey.

    Shouldn't be needed, I know, but for now I rather do that then see my watch deplete with 2+%/hr

    I charged the watch last evening at 22:00, did a run this morning (~45-50 minutes, all+multiband, which took ~3%) and am now (17:00) at 90%. With some extra fiddling around...

  • In my case yes, used H7 bluetooth HRM, but after the activity and sync I turned the Flight mode On and it depleted for 6% in 2 hours under the sun. I restarted, went out of flight mode, turned off HRM sensor, turned FM back on. It lost 2 % in last 4 hours.

    With this rate...I would have to charge it sooner than Grit X (used OHR only during the sleep), which is another reason moving to Garmin...allegedly good battery life...on paper for now.

    Annoying is watchface Infocal also...which turns on and off all the time. On for a brief moment of time and mostly the whole display is off. Though I like it, I will have to switch to another one because when I want to check the watch, there is nothing on display. I turned on that saving for seconds in its settings. I don't know how much positive or negative effect that behavior has on battery life.

  • that sounds awful. i wonder if the airplane (flight) mode is working at all. this was a reported but on the 945LTE Garmin still hasn't fixed after 1 year.

    while its unlikely InfoCal is the problem (i like the design but its tough on my old eyes), i wonder what your battery burn rate is for a built in watch face. you should be seeing 0.2-0.3%/hour as Flipstone has noted. that's been my experience thus far with both built in and Connect IQ watch faces (Minimal Vertical 2 and Coros Apex Like, for example)

  • I will try the reset after the next charge and see how things go.Thumbsup

  • Not sure if flightmode will do anything when a rogue connection is the cause (if it doesnt turn off when needed, it might not turn off due to flightmode either)

  • My initial impression is that battery life is slightly better than advertised in smart watch mode. After 3 days of use in smart watch mode battery had gone down to 82%, which means of it would go down at the same rate battery would last over 16 days.