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Battery consumption: initial observations?

i know it's probably way to early to start this discussion, but i figure crowd sourcing may yield some insights. in short, after very disappointing battery use, in particular smart watch mode endurance on my 945LTE, i have been hyperaware of how much battery use my 955 Solar is using. just overnight (8-9 hours), i was surprised to see it dropped 3-4%. it may be that the battery gauge is poorly calibrated, but so far, even though one would guess it has a larger battery than the 945LTE, i'm finding consumption not very different.

on the positive side, for my one activity so far, a 70 minute run with Multiband+All satellites, i used up 6% which right on target with spec. (basically zero sun since i ran before and just as the sun was coming up).

i'd love to hear other people's impressions and experiences as some of you have had the watch (just a bit ;) ) longer.

  • following up on my post this morning. i just cleared the 2 day mark since i had charged it to 98% (Because it was connected and downloading maps). it's now at 81%. in that 17% drop was a 67 minute run. that should be 3+%. i am guessing i have a tiny bit of solar help these 2 days, but not much.

    so we are talking 13-14% over 2 days which translates to 14-15 days. so that's not super bad. this is the Coros Apex Like watch face which goes into lower powered mode of its own overnight and does 1hz HR and always on seconds.

    again, early to make a final verdict, but this is mildly encouraging.

  • Hi Derek. Always stock watchfaces. In the 945LTE the one with 3 circles and seconds (because in Garmin thinks is cool to see seconds and drain more battery for nothing). In the F7 a watchface without second, because in this watch I can config a good stock watchface without seconds. Again, Garmin love Fenix more than forerunner. That sucks.

  • yup. Forerunner stock watchafces are always crap :/ 

  • I like the one on original FR945 with hours on the top and minutes below like stocked on each other... But this partcular watchface on FR955 i cannot use since "somebody" swap coloring and put grey instead of black, once you change background color to white - which i preffer, it makes it looks ugly...

  • Do installed but not active watch faces from the IQ store use battery, or do they only use battery when "apply"? Some of these watch faces use much more battery and wondering if they are installed but not active they still absorb battery. Thanks

  • I have had the watch for 2.5 days.  Battery life seems to be close to the advertised ranges.

    As I have been playing with the watch a lot, there's no "regular" daily usage to report yet.  The assessments are based on the activities and overnight battery drain.

    The "expected" values are as follows: (Garmin advertised values)

    - normal watch mode: 0.28%/ hr (based on 15 days)

    - GPS only: 2.10%/hr (derived from watch mode + GPS lasts 42 hrs, then minus watch mode drain)

    - Music only: 7.14%/hr (derived from watch mode+GPS+music lasts 10.5 hrs, minus watch mode and GPS drains)

    Here are the actual/observed values:

    - Overnight drained about 2% over a 9 hour period.  That's pretty pretty close to the advertised rate 0.28%/hr. This is with Pulse Ox enabled for overnight.

    - 1.5 hr gym workout (watch+music, no GPS), drained ~15%.  That's slightly higher than the expected range of ~11.5%.  Maybe the extra battery drain was related to using the "Strength" app, which turns on the backlighting with each button presses.

    - 1 hr run with GPS, drained about 3-4%, which is slightly on the high side.  But the watch only shows the battery life to the whole percent, so the observed value could be +/- 1%

  • thanks for sharing. which watch face are you using?

    i did another 62 minute run today (All Satellites), and 2.7 days in, i've lost 24%. that's not all bad. just as with my 945LTE, i do think the estimates for GPS usage are pretty consistent with specs. 

    with lack of precision beyond 1%, it dropped about 3% over that run. so with my current watch face (which is relatively effiicient), and with my higher than average fiddling, i'm currently getting close to spec for both GPS and smart watch usage. this is better than my 945LTE. again, small sample size and this thread is probably more relevant a month from now, but i'm cautiously hopefully at this stage.

  • I am currently using the "Glance Watch Face" by MobileDriveway.  

  • good to know. i have used the Glance Pro watch face and like it a lot. i think it uses a little me power than my Apex Like one, but will probably return to Glance Pro once i get a handle on battery usage with a known efficient watch face. (i found on my prior watch that Glance Pro without 1hz HR and seconds used about the same as Apex Like with them active. i've already put a feature request for overnight low powered mode for the developer of Glance to consider. he said it's being considered.

  • That's right,  I always remove/avoid using the data fields requiring high refresh rate to save battery life.   Good reminder for this thread.

    BTW, for the running app, GPS is currently set to All + Multiband.