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Battery consumption: initial observations?

i know it's probably way to early to start this discussion, but i figure crowd sourcing may yield some insights. in short, after very disappointing battery use, in particular smart watch mode endurance on my 945LTE, i have been hyperaware of how much battery use my 955 Solar is using. just overnight (8-9 hours), i was surprised to see it dropped 3-4%. it may be that the battery gauge is poorly calibrated, but so far, even though one would guess it has a larger battery than the 945LTE, i'm finding consumption not very different.

on the positive side, for my one activity so far, a 70 minute run with Multiband+All satellites, i used up 6% which right on target with spec. (basically zero sun since i ran before and just as the sun was coming up).

i'd love to hear other people's impressions and experiences as some of you have had the watch (just a bit ;) ) longer.

  • Hi yes I have also noticed unexpected battery drain, where I am losing about 10% per day, even on the days when I'm not using GPS. Glad I'm not the only one.

  • Here also draining faster then expected, but also hard to judge because I'm messing around with it a lot... I'll charge before going to sleep so I can at least see how much it drains overnight.

  • it will be great to get your experiences.

    one side data point: my 945LTE always dropped its battery level quickly the first 10-12%, also it would often go from 100-98% within 2-3 hours. after the mid-80% range, it would settle down so that early on, it would suggest that a given watch face would use about 12%/day, but actually if i averaged over a week, consume about 8%/day. (ie, the first day was an anomaly).

    i also witnessed when charging it would often jump from 97% to 100%. yet, even leaving the watch on the charger an extra 30-40minutes never seemed to change the behavior noted above.

  • Charged it too 100% at 22:30, went to bed at 23:30 and woke up at 7:30. Battery was at 96% and usage ~0.41%/hr. This with connection to the phone (but no notifications set up or anything), pulseox off, etc.

    Forerunner 945 used about 0.2-0.3% max with the same settings. (I think more towards 0.2 at night even).

    Just put on my 945 on my other arm to see how if differst during normal usage...

  • The same that 945LTE. I don't want to repeat the "experience". 

  • Also losing a lot. Lost around 10% without any activities over a 12 hour period. No notification etc as those disabled SO2 also off.

  • wow. that is a ton. what watch face are you using?

    i feel things are settling out for me, but it's still too early to tell with me fiddling with the watch a lot and not settling into a daily driver watch face yet. over the past 1.5 days, after charging, i have gone from 98->84% in 1.6 days (12%). included in that time span was a 67min run using All Satellites (middle selection) -- guesstimate for that consumption was 3%.

    9% over 1.6 days isn't too bad a net use, but i have also gone back to one more frugal watch face (Coros Apex Like) which has a lower power mode (no 1hz HR or seconds) during sleeping hours (10pm-7am is what i set mine to be even though i don't sleep that entire stretch!). and that time span includes 2 such sleeping periods. overall, that's not bad. probably not quite up to spec, but getting closer.

    i have had "some solar" but i don't think enough to match the 50k lux for 3 hours. maybe 1/3-1/2 of that spec?

    again, a little too early to tell.

    finally, i should note that i did a "reset" of the watch (holding down power button for 30 sec and powering back up) after having crazy GPS issues. it _seems_ the battery has gotten better since then, but again, based on very little data.

  • Hi Derek, I was using the "Titanium" by Garmin , with the following data fields  Altitude, Battery and Steps.

  • wow. that's bad. i'd suggest a reboot and hope that somehow helps out. i assume you are on 10.10?

  • When you say " i did a "reset" of the watch (holding down power button for 30 sec and powering back up)" so from the power off area just hold down that button for 30 secs - I assume it doesn't auto power on after that period or must on then press the "light" button to power on.