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(Known Issue) GPS accuracy on Jan 01 2021?

Just had a run with my 945. GPS was way off during the run, I mean about 50-100 meters off reality during the whole route.

Has anyone else had this today? Using GPS+Glonass setting.

Janne / Finland 

  • Andras, apprx 6-8 Galileo sats are above You everytime since 2 years for sure. Szoval nem ez a baj :) 

  • Same here. I have never had any problems with the GPS accuracy of my 945 before but today it went crazy. I live in Hungary too. Today I went for a trail running exercise and wanted to follow a preplanned track but the watch put me 100-500m off of my real position. I have been using my watch for more than a year now and I have never experienced anything like this. After reading this post I suppose it must be something to do with the global positioning system in my area. I use a Stryd pod, so at least I have accurate pace and distance metrics for today's training log but I hope the problem will be solved soon, because with such a poor quality positioning I cannot use my device for navigation. 

  • After reading this post I suppose it must be something to do with the global positioning system in my area.

    You read this thread and you think it might have something to do with the GPS in your area?  It's definitely GPS related and not just in your area.

  • Geri, there are problems with Polars too, so it is Sony chipset issue, not else. Devices with MTK chipset are working perfect as i have seen.. And i checked all GNSS Status pages and there were no error reported (if there is/was any error in service, that should affect for million (heavy) users with professional survey devices also and they didnt complain in past days ...)

  • Hi all

    Just a quick question, since yesterday (1st Jan) my GPS tracks don't appear to be lining up in Connect or Strava.  I've only experienced this on running (haven't been out cycling yet).  The route is correct, it just doesn't line up, it's displayed slightly off set if that makes sense.

    Anyone have any ideas?


  • Thanks, no idea why I didn't see that, apologies for posting another post about it

  • Yes, with Venu, SW version 5.10, GPS version 4.80. I'm getting the correct northing value but the easting value is 2 minutes of longitude west of where I am standing. The 2-minute error is consistent; i.e., my tracking is consistently 2 minutes west of where I'm actually walking no matter where I go. (2 minutes at my latitude is about 300 meters.)

  • Garmin wrote it :

    UPDATED 1/2/2021:

    Please be aware that we are aware of the serious GPS issue that 2021 has brought upon the Fenix 6 series watches and we are investigating reports. The issue seems to be impacting not only Garmin but some of our competitors too.

    On your watch, if you go to System > About and CPE shows Expired, please give 5 full minutes outdoors with no movement before every Outdoor activity. This is a workaround while our engineers get the issue resolved.

    We hope to have this issue resolved as quickly as possible and this issue is our #1 highest priority.

    So You should do "soaking" before every activity to get a full emphersis data dowloaded from GNSS signals until Garmin release a GPS firmware fix