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When are Garmin going to fix this ridiculous Jaybird Bug

Hi everyone,

putting this out there as normally when I encounter a bug I just give it a bit of time and its usually fixed in the next release but this issue where Garmin seems to have cocked up the BT connection to Jaybird headphones has been going for months now. They seem to have messed it up around Sensor Hub 5.3 and its not wired properly since and from what I can see people are having the same or similar issues.

Some of the things I've tried are deleting the headphones from the watch, factory resetting the headphones, deleting Spotify and reinstalling. Occasionally doing all this seems to fix the issue for a few runs but then it suddenly just starts again and it becoming really annoying!

For the record, I have the following issue:

Garmin 945, Jaybird Vista and Spotify

Run with one headphone when running

Music plays fine if just stream music, but as soon as I start an activity it times out at almost exactly 5 minutes (though this time has changed sometimes!). Turning off the headphones and turning back on seems to fix for another five minutes but if for example I try to reconnect from the watch instead of turning headphones off, the headphones say 'connected' but nothing plays so you press play on the headphone and you just get white noise which I gather is jus the bluetooth playing when there is no actual signal?

Anyone found any better solutions though I cant think anything can fix it besides Garmin pulling their finger out:(

  • Reading almost only Jaybird complains as far as it comes to headphones, maybe Jaybird is using something slightly off-protocol and the changes you mentioned made it obvious/a problem?
    Im using Anker Soundcore, Logitech Ultimate Ears and Apple EarPods (Gen1 and Pro) since over a year without any problems. 

  • agree, that seems like it has nothing to do with bluetooth audio transfer on Garmin's side of things.  I've used my watch with ODT Speaker, Soundpeats Q12 and True Wireless, JLABS... never experienced an issue.

  • I wouldn't agree, considering:

    1. There was no issue until Garmin updated the ANT/BLE around a month ago

    2. The Jaybirds work flawlessly with every other device I use (Computers, iPhone)

    3. The bug isn't drop outs, its just completely disconnects after what seems to precise a time frame (I don't remember the song but I knew it was the same point as it literally stopped at the same part of the chorus every time)

    4. The streaming works without issue until an activity is started and then it starts dropping out. Im going to test if I put it in treadmill mode and see if it does it in that as well as then it could be identified that its not a wrist movement issue (even though it never was an issue before)

  • I have Jaybird X4's connected to my 945. Mine dont time out as you describe, but I do have some issues with them that I never used to have.

    When I am getting ready for my run, I connect the X4's and start the music, and they play perfect, no dropouts or skips in the audio. When I start my activity, the X4's starting dropping out and skipping. This continues for 5 to 8 minutes, and then the audio is perfect for the reset of my run.

    I have 2 pairs of X4's and they both do the same thing. This started a few months ago after a firmware update.

  • Just my experience. I have issues with the Jaybird Tarah Pro. Most of the time they will connect to the headphones after 2 attempts at the start of my run and then occasionally at about the 8-9 minute mark into a run they will totally disconnect (takes about 2-3 attempts to connect again sometimes I will turn the headphones on and off), but this hasn't happened for about the last 5-6 runs now. Probably jinxed myself now *lol*

  • 3. I had the same thing also happen with one song. It would drop out at about 8 mins in, yes it's a long song. When it reconnected it would start from were it left off on the song for about 5 seconds before it stops and then starts replaying the same song for the beginning. When this happened I just skip the track. But it's definitely happened twice for sure.  

  • I Opened a ticket with Garmin support some weeks ago, still waiting...

  • Recently I haven't been having any drop outs, only thing I have been doing differently is someone mentioned in another thread is to connect to the headphones and start listening to music before you start the activity. Not sure if this really helps but seems to be working. Maybe others can try it too.  

  • I just tested this again. Inside my house, got girst "not connected" after after minutes...