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Forerunner 945 SW 5.00 is now live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile pending rollout. 

Change log

  • Added support for FE-C and Smart Trainer control. See options in Bike Indoor activity.
  • Added support for workout videos. The video files can be downloaded via Garmin Express or over WiFi. These videos will display when using an MSN workout that supports them. Download MSN workouts through Garmin Connect.
  • Added support for displaying courses to viewers of the user's LiveTrack sessions. Various other LiveTrack improvements
  • Added in-place editing of data fields
  • Added the Pause Training Status feature. Allows the user to suppress some training status feedback phrases and trends. Access the options from the Training Status widget menu or within Garmin Connect.
  • Added additional options to Live Event Sharing. Triggers added for Every Mile and Transitions (allowing for multisport use)
  • Numerous improvements to music experience, usability, and WiFi
  • Improved Incoming Call handling
  • Fixed problem with device spinning/freezing on activity save due to unintentional file build-up. Note: device will need to sync to Garmin Connect after software update to resolve this issue
  • Fixed problem where certain user's maps took an excessive amount of time to load on boot and were generally sluggish in use
  • Greatly improved Around Me search times
  • Updated numerous widgets to improve usability and look
  • Fixed inability of device to record longest swim PR
  • Moved Recovery HR to option on save/discard screen
  • Updated post-activity summary pages
  • Improvements to segments handling
  • Improvements/fixes for on-device weather. Fix instances of missing data.
  • Improvements to phone connectivity
  • Fixed HRV stress page layout
  • Fixed a few issues with Virtual Running and workouts
  • Various other improvements and bug fixes