Floor climb

Hi everyone, new to Garmin world.

I train quite a bit on the stairs - do anywhere between 500 and 800 floors per week, in various forms of workouts. Over past year I trained with simple FitBit versa and inconsistent readings and primitive data drove me nuts. I did most of workouts in Run mode and the only relevant data you would get is a heart rate and run pace.

So I got 945 for Xmas and was stoked to finally train in correct activity modes and with all the data I need. So, I finally tried my standard 30 min stair workout last night in my building in Floor Climb mode (which comes preloaded on the watch)... and to my shock nothing worked. The timer was running but no other readouts worked: no floor pace, no floor count, and heart rate never went past 90, which is impossible. Its a 15-floor climb, and 4th and 5th runs I was pushing hard. there is just no way its even possible, after climbing 75 floors. I have done the same work out in the same spot with FitBit Charge 2, Versa and Apple Watch before and with some variations all three showed HR above 140, which makes sense.

So I stopped, and switched to Run mode, thinking I will just do what I did with Versa. But nothing - it showed no distance (0.05 mile in 2 runs up and down, which is 30 floors), pace blipped half way for a split second, and it would still read my HR below 100. So that's a no go either.

Given I don't know the watch that well yet:

- Is there something that need to be calibrated in Barometer settings? Interestingly enough altimeter did read elevation gain, as well as all assents and descents correctly. is there something in watch settings I am missing? It looks like its counting floors in my daily routines but I never bothered to check how accurate.

- Is there another Floor climb mode/app from IQ that works properly? Or at least better than stock one on the watch?

- Is there another mode that I can at least get proper HR, load and other training readings? I don't really need the floor count because I run in the building where I already know floors and steps by heart. The proper pace would be nice, but even that's not critical. Would Cardio or maybe Hike modes give me at least that?

Thank you,