Anyone connect 945 to new KICKR BIKE?

I received the new WAHOO KICKR BIKE yesterday.  It works fine with my iPhone or iPad or MAC but it will not connect and send data to my Forerunner 945.  I have done troubleshooting with Wahoo, but nothing works.  I have also tried to connect it to my Garmin edge 830 and my forerunner 935.  They do not work either.  The 945 *connects* but no  power data is sent from KICKR BIKE to 945 so it s useless.  On the other KICKR, it sends power and speed/distance which is nice.

In any case, the KICKR BIKE clearly is different than the KICKR trainers as I have never had an issue with the trainers.

In addition, it appears that the 945 only tries to connect to KICKR BIKE via BLE and not ANT+.  I want to connect via ANT+ since it has been more reliable for me but when I add the sensor it only shows up as Bluetooth.

1.) Has anyone been able to get this to work?

2.) Is there a way to force the 945 to try and connect via ANT+ and NOT Bluetooth?