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Battery Life : official garmin statement?


i read here a lot about the poor battery life in smartwatch mode ...

the latest SW3.30 did not help.

deactivating puls ox also did not help.

After 100%charging, some hours later morning:90%

Whats the official statement of garmin to that issue?

  • leider keine verbesserung mit SW3.30, die 945 ist nach 4 Tagen smartwatch usage leer. (wird von meiner freundin verwendet).

    Meine 935 haltet fast 10 Tage!

    => not better with SW3.30. the 945 is empty after 4 days without any activities!

    My 935 loses just 5% per day and not 15-20% like the 945!

  • I am certainly monitoring the battery life very closely at the moment. I have only just gone to 3.30 today, but I do hope it does make a difference. I am not doing massive amounts of training and don't expect to have to charge my phone every 3-4 days. If 3.30 doesn't improve it at all, I will RMA it. Compared to my 935, it just doesn't feel right.

  • If the battery widget cab be believed, just standing at my desk after the 3.30 update, I am burning 0.477 %/hr.

  • On 3.30 I lost 40% in a few hours doing nothing....

  • Very odd, I wonder what accounts for people's different experiences with the update.

    I charged my watch to 100% Friday, have only tracked a 1-hour walk since then with GPS, pulse ox off, just standard BT smart phone notifications and as of this morning, 5 days later, I'm sitting at 64%

  • Afters one week: using the watch, loading...using..loading, ..indeed it works now normal! sw 3.30,the 945 loses only ~5% a day...ok!

  • Since the above post I lost 23% sitting in meetings

  • There are definite watches CONFIRMED to have battery issues based on pack number (serial).

    I know this, for a fact due to calling Garmin yesterday and it being confirmed, by Garmin that my watch was one with a known battery issue (also a Rev C). My 945 is on its way back to Garmin for a brand new watch.

    Call them, answer their questions, give them your S/N, to confirm if your watch is in the defective list. They will take care of your issue.

    As a side note, I asked them in the future, to perhaps create a list of pack number ranges of watches (if applicable) that have known issues, both manufactured and/or software. 

    Had I known my watch fell into a category of known issues, I would have saved myself a whole lot of personal troubleshooting, to the point of finally ruling out it's not anything I'm doing incorrectly; it was the watch.

    If you're like me, trying to find the problem on your own before reaching out, save yourselves the headache and just call them for help. 

  • Thanks, that is very useful information.

  • I'm still struggling to get the update