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Battery Life : official garmin statement?


i read here a lot about the poor battery life in smartwatch mode ...

the latest SW3.30 did not help.

deactivating puls ox also did not help.

After 100%charging, some hours later morning:90%

Whats the official statement of garmin to that issue?

  • I don't see any problem here. A battery drain of 10% per day means you have to recharge your watch every 10 days. Garmin claims that the battery lasts up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode. That is only under ideal circumstances (which do in most cases probably not apply) and does not include recording of any activity. 

  • I updated to 3.30 yesterday afternoon and charged up to 100%. This morning I was at 99%, and now I'm at 98% - that definitely seems better than before, so my initial impression is that battery life/power management seems better with the update.  (FWIW, I disabled puls ox right after I got the watch in May).

    I'll have a better idea once I do some runs with the watch, currently sick at home, so it may be a while.

  • Interestingly version 3.30 fixed the battery problem I had from day one. With 2.80 I was averaging 1.6%/hr, after 3.30 update I am averaging 0.4%/hr which I am very happy with personally. I think my usage is more or less same as yours.

  • I've been VERY critical to Garmin and the 945 from the beginning, but I'm going to say that the most recent update (3.30) fixed most of the issue I was having. That includes the battery. The last time I charged my watch was last Friday (11/08) and today, Thursday (11/14) I still have 17%. I went for multiple runs outside (GPS+GLONASS) using an external HRM strap. I also did three indoor rides connected to a power meter and the HRM strap and finally, two swims (45min each) using the oHR. 

    I'd say that's pretty decent and finally on par with my old 935. 

  • After every fresh charge I get that exact bat value, check back 3-4 hours later:  %.73. Half a day later, 1.3%. a day later 1.6% where it stays. It's been this way since I got this watch. It never acts different no matter what I'm using/doing. 

    Whatever Garmin is doing to regulate battery life here is either poorly designed, deeply flawed or there are problems in the hardware of each individual watch that's affecting the battery life. I'm using a Rev C watch so perhaps there's a flaw in the battery? I don't know, but there's enough posts here about battery life with this model to warrant a valid issue wouldn't you say? 

    To give you a perspective; my over 2 year old 935 holds a better charge with the exact same settings and usage than my 4 month old 945. I am tempted to call Garmin for a Rev D model, since that version is the most stable model, but honestly as a now long time customer, I shouldn't have to be actively looking for revision types to make sure the product I bought is functional and working as the company said it would. 

  • It looks like your device hase a battery or charge circuit issue, nothing that can be fixed by software I'm afraid. Have you tried to contact support to get it repaired or replaced?

  • Yes and no. My FR 935 has a battery 'drain' of more or less constantly 0.2 % per hour. My FR 945 has a battery drain of at best 0.340 % per hour. And the conditions are the same.

  • Ich hatte jetzt nach dem Update auf 3.3 extremen Batterieverbrauch!

    Innerhalb von 6std war der Akku der Uhr auf 0%!!!!!!

  • Hast du das Problem gelöst, scheine dasselbe problem zu haben.

    did you solve this problem? Seem that i have same issue

  • Ich werde sehen ob die Uhr die Nacht durchhält und werde dann morgen früh sehen wie es mit der Akkuleistung aussieht!