Delete activity from Training Status, Load and other FirstBeat metrics

Long story short I started my run and forgot to connect external HR strap. I didn't realize it only after the run that HR was collected from oHR. oHR doesn't work for me during an activity at all and I don't use it for this reason (see graphs below). This HR is my Zone 5 and it's ridiculous "smart" watch thought one is able to hold Zone 5 for 90 minutes without complaining. On the other hand oHR proved to be very good cadence sensor. :-) Anyway, mistakes were made.

Is there any way how to remove that incorrectly recorded activity from Training status, Load, etc.? I tried deleting from the watch, deleting in Garmin Connect, re-sync to no avail. I think of only other way to factory reset the watch. It might be better than dealing with incorrect stats for next 4 weeks or so.

  • I don't know if the activity can be deleted, but a factory reset may be a bit extreme. It's just 1 activity over your 4 week training and I don't think it will disrupt your stats to the point where everything else should be discarded.  Just my 2 cents. 

  • It will go away from 7 day Training load in a week, that should not be a problem. I'll be getting wrong status there for couple days. However it also skew Training focus (4 week metric) to a point from Focus = Base training it shifted to Above Targets for Anaerobic and Aerobic High. It is 90 minutes in Zone 5. Take an example of VO2 session where you spend around 20 minutes in Z5. Doing such session once or max. twice a week.

    Yes, it will affect some FB stats for couple weeks.

  • It's just stats and doesn't change what you did or should do in the future. Sensors will drop or fail giving you "bad" data. It happens and will again sometime in the future. If it really bothers you, do the factory reset. Maybe wait awhile and see if someone can tell you if you can delete the data before you do so. 

  • I had a similar issue of incorrect data giving me an incorrect lactate threshold HR of 44. Deleting the activity didn't help and communication with Garmin support suggested there is no way to remove the erroneous data point. So my historic lactate threshold plots are now affected by this and the autoscaling to accommodate the data means the accurate parts of the plots cannot show any discernable trends.

  • To be honest, the stats and skew metric don't bother me but the inability to discard or delete erroneous data does. It feels like the most simplest action "delete" and yet not implemented.

  • That's what I struggled with, the absence of a delete data point option.

  • I had this happen a couple of times and actually found a way to get rid of it. Give this a try and see if it works for you. I use Garmin Mobile Connect on iOS. Click on the "More" menu with the three dots. Choose "Calendar." Click on the day with the activity that you want to get rid of. I found that there was a Move IQ activity there even though I deleted the recorded activity. When I got rid of the Move IQ activity with the crazy heart rate data, my FB metrics returned to correct values. 

    I completely agree that something as simple as deleting errant data should be easy. What use are metrics that keep garbage in them?

  • Thanks for sharing this method. I deleted the activity and also all MoveIQ step events. Sync'd the watches with the phone and also via WiFi Sync. However no change in FB metrics at all. :-(

  • hello, i have exactely the same problem, did you find a solution ? :Worried thank you

  • There is no user friendly way (thx Garmin). You can either live with skew metric for couple weeks or delete the activity and Factory reset the watches. :-(