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Forerunner 945 System SW 3.30 is now live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile. 

Change Log System SW 3.30

  • Added PacePro feature.
  • Added additional data field configurations (5 and 6 field).
  • Added graphical gauge data fields (i.e. Heart Rate, Cadence, etc.)
  • Improve ANT+ and BLE sensor management
  • Improvements to phone and sensor connectivity
  • Improvements to headphone pairing, connectivity, and media player
  • Improvements/fixes for WiFi connectivity (fix for 0200 Error)
  • Improvements to golf
  • Improvement/fixes for Connect IQ
  • Improvements/fixes for Spotify
  • Bluetooth software update to address battery life issues that could occur on some devices
  • Some improvements for segments/Strava segments
  • Fix blocky elevation issue
  • Fix potential device freeze on activity summary loop
  • Brought in treadmill calibration improvement. There is an additional issue with calibration that is being actively investigated for release
  • Various other fixes and improvements

Additional updates on the same Rollout schedule

Sensor Hub 2.70

  • Yes but this.

    There is an additional issue with calibration that is being actively

    why I asked!

  • I would echo 's advice to perform a hard reset. This will not reset your data and should clear up any strange lag you are seeing. 

  • This update does improve treadmill calibration but we are continuing work to resolve the broader issue users are seeing. If you are still seeing any problems, know we are continuing to work on this. 

  • I just did, and the issue is still present.

    It seems to lag more when I enter/leave the main watch face, maybe it has to do with it not being updated to support this version somehow ?

  • is it an ConnectIQ watch face? Had this happen years ago with one. If so, change to a stock watchface to try it. 

    • Bluetooth software update to address battery life issues that could occur on some devices

    Hope the fix was done from latest beta. With the latest beta I just came from a 45 minutes run and lost 15 percent battery. I played back music. Typically it looses without music 5 pervent...

  • Is there a srpaerse change log for the sensor hub?

  • I hope so too. Ran 45 minutes with no music, with hrm-tri and foot pod. Lost 10% battery in 45 minute run. 

  • As of this posting, I have not gotten the update here, but in the last three consecutive days, I have received (3) separate updates for the watch over Garmin Express (PC).

    Time Zone

    Perhaps in the future Garmin, you post at least on the forums these things? Do any of us know if this SW update is dependent on if we had these updates already installed? Even if it isn't, communicating these updates to the community should be happening alongside these SW updates. I get emails for beta releases; I don't get them for the above updates I just mentioned. Perhaps a push notification in the app (example: New map updates available for your watch, get them now!)

    Honestly, your communication with your customers is abysmal.

  • I think you don't know what luxury it is to even have something like betas and update announcements with a feature list. I'm coming from suunto and there, communication is really abysmal. 

    Of course, a channel with all the announcements and changes would be best.. There's always room for improvement :)