PacePro and Garmin Connect Course elevation corrections


Partly off-topic, but very related to the future use of 945 with PacePro.

As we are supposed to get that PacePro has anyone got any idea is Garmin going to fix Connect for forcefully elevation correcting courses*?
As PacePro is pretty pointless if Garmin has done elevation corrections that are waayy off**, (and how come their data is so bad? as GPS Visualizer seems to have spot on data for elevation).

I can upload the GPX to 945 with putting the correct GPX file to GARMIN\NEWFILES, but then Garmin Connect doesn't see that and can't be used to create PacePro and
what I've understood even that the PacePro is on the watch it doesn't allow making those adjustments for Pacing Strategy and Uphill Effort.

Does someone have any idea how one could make a course to Garmin from GPX so that the elevation data is kept from GPX?
** Both are made from same GPX: vs. 

  • I think I have a similar problem but it goes in the opposite direction: whenever I create a course on Garmin Connect it largely overestimates the elevation gan and loss making for example CimbPro totally useless, and it will make PacePro useless as well... I've just written to Garmin support for help on this, I suggest you do the same...

  • same here with climbpro 
    Did a ride monday morning : True elevation : 2600m 
    strava said : 2600m
    Garmin connect : 4800m !!! WTF !!! 

  • I think that with ClimbPro you can bypass the Garmin Connect's bad elevation correction data.

    Copy the .gpx which has good elevation to \GARMIN\NEWFILES then the Course will have proper elevation and then the "View Climbs" on the course at least will look as proper.

    But with PacePro I understood that you can only do the adjusting on the Garmin Connect which then is problematic with this bypass option.

  • On the subject. Does anyone know what is Garmin's source for elevation corrections? Is it globally the same or regional? I haven't managed to find any specific information about it. 

    "Elevation Corrections are calculated with data from professional surveys instead of the data from your device. If your device has a barometric altimeter, Elevation Corrections are disabled by default."

    Professional surveys... And if device has a barometric altimeter why do they run the elevation corrections when creating course from activity done with device with barometric altimeter.

    They could do the elevation corrections like:  Use the best data to given areas. At lest for gpsvisualizer's data seems to be pretty good over Garmin's bad data.

    But first step is admitting that they have bad data and give us options to disable the elevation corrections globally. For activities and especially for courses!

    Second step would fix the data to be better.

  • I have the same problem, my workaround is to import the courses via the komoot connect iq app. the elevation data is kept and not changed. if i use the method importing via garmin connect elevation is absurd.

  • Yep, that will do the same thing as download GPX and putting that into NEWFILES, it bypasses the Garmin's "corrections".

    I think that this problem is related to place where you live. Garmin has probably good data on somewhere of the globe and they are happy as some others aren't.