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Has anyone else Firmware 2.60?


I got my brandnew fr945 yesterday. It has firmware version 2.60 on it but i can't find anything on the web about it. Any ideas?

Furthermore gps 2.30 is displayed. Do you recommend to update the chipset?

  • Are you sure? What country did you buy it in? (US?)

    I tried checking and looking around and couldn't find 2.60 either... nor from any of the people writing about garmin on social media.

    I really hope it's true.

    PS: Have fun with your 945!

  • Last week someone in a Gernan forum asked about 2.60 too. Nothing to find about this version. Not good from Garmin, please be accurate and transparent about the revision history.

  • Weird, latest official I know of is 2.50 and latest beta is 2.64... Beta gps is 2.42...

    Running gps 2.42 beta miyself and no complaints there, I'd say go for it ;) Think you can always go back? (At least with the normal fw, not sure about gps fw)

  • Absolutely sure. I bought it from, they ship from Italy. But I ordered a tri bundle (the blue version)

  • Agree, 2.42 is better than 2.3 and you CAN go back in case of need.

  • Got mine few days ago with 2.60, upgraded immediatly to 2.64 beta. They said to me that 2.60 is an ufficial but not gived with ota o express and change only for little marginal things from 2.50. Last models shipped will arrive wit 2.60 or later. With 2.50 are "old" model stocked...

  • Interesting. I have 2.60 on my watch I received a few days ago and am in the process of returning it because Pulse Ox measurements don't work and turning the all day pulse ox measurement on also completely stops heart rate from being recorded, seeminly endlessly restarting the whole wrist sensor.

    If 2.60 is indeed a firmware that is not commonly available, could you test this feature on your watch? It would save me from unneccessary repair/return hassle if it's just a software bug that's not widely known about because people are running 2.50.


  • I received my second 945 three days ago; Boot up had it as 2.60 and 2.30 GPS. Installed the 2.64 beta and the 2.42 GPS once I have everything set up. I am using a US model. There was, as far as I can tell, no live notes or announcement of 2.60 and the sticky post here for the Beta disappeared for some reason (I got mine from the software link found on the products page on Garmin).

    Official Admins have been lazy with these updates for about a year now (it was like this on the 935's forum). Either they post it late after someone points it out, or wait for a user to find it and stickies their post.  Just pop into the official Garmin store page for the watch you own and the Software link from time to time. The latest Beta build will be there even if it's the prior Beta build before the live release. It used to be where both would show up in the past before Garmin went to exclusively releasing live updates in staged OTA updates.

  • Tried updating to 2.64 with no luck. Ironically the measurement worked once while I was testing. The sensor lit up red and stayed on for a long measurement. After that the usual problem with sensor resetting itself resumed, so I guess it's a hardware fault after all. Bummer.

  • By the way, just spotted: the 2.60 is mentioned in the installation instructions of the 2.64: