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Swimming OHR finally here!

The new 2.64 Beta finally allows the OHR to be turned on for swimming! Has anyone had a chance to try it out? I'm hoping to be able to squeeze in a swim tomorrow to try it out.

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    Look how bad it currently is with all the post about inaccurate HR with the oHRM.  Garmin's going to need to start a new forum for oHRM for swimming.

  • Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Tracking OHR in the swim is one of those things. If it works for anyone I'll be surprised but as TMK17 suggests this is just going to generate a lot of angry people moaning about how inaccurate OHR in the swim is, while ignoring GARMIN’s recommendation to use one of the swim-straps. 

    That said, there is a possibility that Garmin have managed to get this working, I'll not bet my house on it though. But I'll certainly try it.

  • Yeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!! Well done, Garmin!!!!!

  • I guess you'd have to wear it pretty tight, considering the remarks about unhappy users... Sure, the ppl now knowing what to expect will probably complain but it's nice for those who DO know the disadvantages and issues that they can at least choose to use it after all right?

  • well if that means I can get at least some kind of load even if not really correct ... better than 0 ? we'll see

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    You believe incomplete and inaccurate data is better than no data at all?  My HR rises 30-50 bpm just showering. This affects my all day HR, body battery and calories burned metrics.  I've since remove my watch when shower to avoid this from happening. In this case having no data for 5-8 minutes is much better than recording my false "shower workout".  Some people are under the impression that some incorrect data will still benefit them somehow. Let me ask you this question.  What good is inaccurate data for a 30 min swim if the measurement is ridiculously low or high and your training status goes from maintaining to unproductive or ovrrachieving? 

  • Will we see it in 245 as well? 

  • Relax mate
    what part of the interogative sentence "better than 0 ? we'll see" don't you understand ? 
    I'll draw my conclusions myself and don't encourage anyone to do what I do as I couldn't care less honestly. 
    If it doesn't work for me and I don't use it but it works for bob and he uses it, good for him.

    And if I listen to what you say, at the moment my watch is already showing imcomplete and innacurate data anyway since it doesn't show load for my swims.

    And someone told me : "What good is inaccurate data if" the watch doesn't take swim into account "and your training status goes from maintaining to unproductive or overachieving?" ;)

    Frankly, if the results are almost accurate, yes, it's better to get some load than my watch showing 0 load after a 3000m swim 4 times per week.

    Again, it's my watch and my life and you should care less about what someone does with his watch on the internet, that'll better for your body battery  :) 

    Joking aside, you should shower less dynamically ;) 

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    I'm not sure why you think i'm worked up and need to relax?  You posted your opinion about getting "some kind of load even if not really correct".   I gave you my opinion on incorrect data.  You sound a little defensive when you say things like "it's my watch and my life" or "I'll draw my conclusions myself", but I'm the one who needs to relax?  Gotta love the irony. Rolling eyes

  • Oh GREAT. We have been heard by Garmin. Very satisfied. Next days will come my new 945 and I'll try it.