945 LTE bundle versus 955, both are Black Friday deals for 400 euro, but which one to choose?

I can buy a 945 LTE bundle (with HRM Pro strap and HRM Swim strap) for 415 euro (@All4running.nl, with extra personal discount) or a 955 (non-Solar) for 400 euro (@TradeInn.com). And I'm doubting which one to choose. Pennywise, the 945 LTE (including 2 straps) is the better one. On the hardware side, I don't need the extra features of the 955 but do like the LTE function on the 945 LTE. But I have my doubts about the software. Are the software features really the same?

When I look at the Garmin site and look into the overall description of these watches, they both seem to have the same software features.

But when I look at the real differences on the site (compare function), I see old features on the Garmin 945 LTE, that are not accurate anymore. Like the Training Readiness feature: the Garmin 945 LTE doesn't have this feature when I dive into the compare function, but I know it has, because in the overall description of features this is mentioned. So it is very confusing to know which software functions are the same and which not.

I am especially curious about the race calendar on the 945 LTE, being able to see your entire race calendar with workouts till race day and switch workouts in a week. And another one I'm curious about, is whether XC ski maps are included on the 945 LTE version.

Anybody with a 945 LTE who knows whether there are differences on the software side and esp. whether the two features I mentioned are included on the 945 LTE?

  • Thank you S.M.R. for your advise. I am aware of the limitations of LTE. But I do like the functionality. I’d like to run or cycle without needing a phone when I have to dial 911 or 112, because my phone battery is completely drained after a couple of hours. Esp. when cycling all day (>8 hours), my phone is dead in the end. And no, I don’t want to buy a new phone, I like the small format of my iPhone 13 mini. I also own an iPhone SE2 (work phone), which has an even shorter battery life. So the LTE functionality of the Garmin 945 LTE is really useful for me. 

  • I’ve been using the 945 LTE for nearly two years and replaced it in September by a 965.

    LTE on the 945 is battery killer, it drained ~8-10% per hour during an activity (running, Livetrack enabled). Without LTE enabled it was around 4%.

    Further when the signal gets weak, it often loses the connection, whereas an IPhone still has a bar or two. 

    I like the idea on going out for a run without a phone, however I often ended up taking my phone with me (for long runs, early / late runs, areas I’m not familiar with etc.). The LTE features were too limited for me, in particular when taking into account the monthly fees.


    Still I really liked the 945 LTE, it is the smallest watch in the 9xx range. For me (wrist ~17 cm) it was perfect size for 24h usage, sleeping, office etc. it never felt bulky. Which definitely is the case with the 965.

    When it comes to GPS I cannot recall a situation where the 945 LTE did a bad job. I’ve done multiple races (up to Berlin Marathon) and it was always ok. Sure, the 955 / 965 gets the position quicker and has a smoother track.

    In terms of SW features, the 945 LTE is almost identical to 955/965, it gets the updates usually a month or two later. Not sure how long Garmin is going to support it, as it’s an older watch.

    The optical heart rate sensor worked for me flawlessly on the that watch, on the 965 I’m struggling with it, hopefully Garmin will fix it soon.

    I kind of regret the move to a newer watch, I was really happy with 945 LTE. 400€ for the bundle is a really great price, both straps are nearly 200€ worth.

  • Hi Senior_Siggi, thank you for your advise. I have a small wrist too and have owned a FR 745 a couple of years ago. I liked the format and have read it has the same format as the 945 LTE. Good to know that the signal of LTE is not optimal, I think I'll start with a subscription of one month (and not a year). I live in the Netherlands, where mobile reception is great from all providers, and most of the time I run and bike in The Netherlands. I run two races this month in different locations (both 10 km, so that will not kill the battery), so I can safely test LTE with a one month subscription. The software of the 945 LTE is equal to the 955 and I like the advantages of the 945 LTE more (smaller format, LTE) than the advantages of the FR 955 (bigger format, touch screen, satIQ). 

    I've made a decision after all advises, and choose the 945 LTE above the 955. Thank you all for the pros and cons. It really helped me out making a choice.