945 LTE bundle versus 955, both are Black Friday deals for 400 euro, but which one to choose?

I can buy a 945 LTE bundle (with HRM Pro strap and HRM Swim strap) for 415 euro (@All4running.nl, with extra personal discount) or a 955 (non-Solar) for 400 euro (@TradeInn.com). And I'm doubting which one to choose. Pennywise, the 945 LTE (including 2 straps) is the better one. On the hardware side, I don't need the extra features of the 955 but do like the LTE function on the 945 LTE. But I have my doubts about the software. Are the software features really the same?

When I look at the Garmin site and look into the overall description of these watches, they both seem to have the same software features.

But when I look at the real differences on the site (compare function), I see old features on the Garmin 945 LTE, that are not accurate anymore. Like the Training Readiness feature: the Garmin 945 LTE doesn't have this feature when I dive into the compare function, but I know it has, because in the overall description of features this is mentioned. So it is very confusing to know which software functions are the same and which not.

I am especially curious about the race calendar on the 945 LTE, being able to see your entire race calendar with workouts till race day and switch workouts in a week. And another one I'm curious about, is whether XC ski maps are included on the 945 LTE version.

Anybody with a 945 LTE who knows whether there are differences on the software side and esp. whether the two features I mentioned are included on the 945 LTE?