v15.19 OWS Stroke Rate Glitch with Auto Lap

I recently started open water swimming again this year and when reviewing data can see both swims have really odd Stroke Rate Glitches synchronized with my Auto Lap.  I have it set to 400 yds and see the following graphs:

I don't think I magically got to 150+ strokes per minute every time my wrist vibrated slightly :)


Anyone who reads this and is NOT seeing the issue can you reply?  I'm truly curious if it's just my family's watches.  Looking back on old activities it looks like I could faintly see it on last year's swims (older firmware) and looking at my wife's fenix 6s pro... her swims show it too.

Maybe either (1) no one is open water swimming (doubtful) (2) no one uses auto lap (default is on at 500 yds though, I think?) (3) no one looks at stroke rate data (maybe likely) (4) Somehow it's just our watches.

Garmin-Sierra also created a ticket and I'm going to run some more experiments myself, but noting I'm the first report has me puzzled.