Disable lap button during workouts


I own a fr945LTE and I want to disable the lap button completely. I can disable it in the app settings (laps -> lap button off) but the option seems to be ignored with garmin coach workout or daily suggested workouts.

This thing is pretty annoying since during workouts I often press the back button when going back from the map or the music menu. If a HR alert pops in (which can't be disabled too SIGH) exaclty while I'm pressing the button, then the workout is over.

Does the same behaviour happen in the fenix line too or is it a bug of the 945LTE?

  • But we should still have the possibility to disable the Lap button for workouts... it's true that some workouts require you to press the Lap button but this could be easily to a data screen with a countdown and then a confirmation, or even just let the next step start anyway with a ramp timer of 10s (like for run repeats), the user could just decide to stop anyway if he's not ready.

    I don't really understand what you mean here. It seems like you're only considering the case where LAP is used to end some interval that doesn't really matter, like a warmup interval.

    Say I design the following workout:

    - Repeat 8 times:
      - run until LAP press (this is meant to be 800m on a track)
      - rest for 90 seconds

    How do I get accurate lap times if I have to confirm each LAP press? I only see 2 ways this could work:

    - the lap ends at the time when I confirm the lap press. Now all my 800m times are a bit too long unless I confirm super fast. Sure I could probably lap and confirm without looking, but that makes the process of lapping more error-prone

    - when I confirm the lap press, the lap retroactively ends when I pressed LAP. Now Garmin has to have logic which somehow retroactively ends a lap no matter how long it took for me to confirm it. While this might work (especially if you have a limited time to confirm the lap), it seems unintuitive. It also seems technically challenging since a bunch of other things have to be retroactive (like all your previous and current lap metrics). In my example, what if there's no confirmation timeout and I waited longer than 90s to confirm the lap press? Now the watch has to be smart enough to retroactively write *two* laps (the 800m and the 90s), and I'm also screwed as a runner because I should be running my next 800.

    I think a better solution would be the ability to undo a lap press / workout step transition. The most common case for pressing lap still has to be when it's pressed on purpose. Yes, I've also pressed LAP (or START) accidentally during a workout, but I have to say it's far outnumbered by the times I pressed it on purpose.

    Instead of punishing users who need to press LAP on purpose, we should help users who press LAP by accident. This could be done in a couple of ways (not mutually exclusive):

    1) Offer a menu option to navigate workout steps (Go Back / Forward), just like Edge devices

    2) After the user presses LAP, give them a temporary prompt where they can undo it by pressing a button. (I don't like this because it still messes up the normal flow of the activity.)

    I realize that your POV seems to come from a place where you would never press LAP during a work interval where your time is important. For example, I think Garmin Coach workouts only use LAP to end the warm up intervals.

    I could use the same logic to say that we should confirm a press of START during a workout, and nobody would want that. You might say that's different because it doesn't mess up your workout, and that's mostly true. But strava will display your activity time differently depending on whether you pause your activity at least once or not, and that might matter to some people.

  • Yeah I prefer option 1 too. I'm only saying that this setting should be combined with "Disable lap button" just like we have it in the normal Run activity settings, they could just have it as "Disable lap button" in workout settings and then it would automatically enable the back/forward in the pause menu.

    To do this Garmin should add the possibility to customize workout settings just like we can do with any other activity... I really don't get why they don't have any customizable settings for workout which is even present in the "Activities and Apps" list.

  • I would love to have this as well since my workouts mess up when I accidentally press the back button :/

  • +1 would also like to be able to disable the lap button from advancing to the next stage of a workout. Have ruined a few workouts by accidentally tapping the lap button.