How Garmin developers got Galloway's 10k training plan wrong

I set up a 10k training plan selecting Jeff Galloway as coach.

It is 3 activities per week, and has a nice progression EXCEPT the running activity which translates back to english, from norwegian, as "An easy run".

The exercises are:

  • speed repetitions: repetitions of 800m that is quite hard. I'm currently doing x12 of them, and each repetition it high lvl4 pulse rate.
  • hills repetition: 15sec up and 15 sec down a hill. No sweat
  • running: this started with a mysterious 11.25km, then progressed to 14.48km, 17.7km 

I'm annoyed that these runs are translated to norwegian as "an easy run". These runs (after the hard speed repetition exercises) has caused my knees and heels to start aching. Pensive

Looking on mr. Galloway's own webpage I see that distances in Garmin's plan are crazy for a 10k plan:

Where I think I can blame the developers is in the unit conversion. I'm convinced Garmin use imperial units in their software (yey, go Liberia, Myanmar and USA). I bet mr. Galloway has put in the length of the runs in km, but the developers has interpret them as miles. Or perhaps more realistically: there is a formula given to the developers how to calculate the next length of the run, but they have mixed up the units or something badly.

  • 11.25km = 7 miles
  • 14.48km = 9 miles
  • 17.70km = 11miles

So are you as me, doing 2 exercises a week, running 4-10km per exercise, then I strongly suggest that you do not put the extra strain on you body following the runs in Garmin's "Galloway's10k plan". At least not until there is a update on the plan.