Coach Galloway 10k - really heavy loads

So I bought a 245 in June and decided to try a coaching plan to improve my general speed. I have done a 10k in 55 min before and wanted to improve - no particular reason. I selected coach Galloway purely because of the three runs a week plan as I knew I'd be busy over the holiday period.

No problems for a while - in July I had a couple of weeks where I was ill or busy and unable to complete all of the runs, but I've done most of them. I'd been marking the 'feeling' at the end as Moderate partly because they weren't bad but also because of pride (possibly my first mistake?).

End of August: plan is going well but I'm noticing that I'm now alternating between two weeks:

  • Week 1/2 Tue: Hill repeats

  • Week 1/2 Thu: Speed repeats

  • Week 1 Sat: Goal pace repeats

  • Week 2 Sat: Long easy run

No problem in principle, but at this stage the speed repeats are increasing by 2 each week and I'm now due to do 18 lots of speed repeats (800m at 4:55 min/km, with 3 min recovery). This is both really punishing and also takes over 2 hours to complete just the speed repeats (on a Thursday - my long run day is Saturday). Surely doing 2 hours of tempo intervals isn't good for someone at my stage?

Similarly, the Long easy run is increasing by 4km each week, and this weekend I'm due to do 24km - 15 miles. This is training for a 10k, and of course if you're doing an easy run (7min/km) this is nearly 3 hours of running.

A couple of weeks ago a knee injury came up and I can't help but feel that the gruelling regime has got me this. I know I am not beholden to my Garmin, but at the same time I like to think I can trust them to have put together a sensible workout. Has something gone wrong with the algorithm? Or is this just how training plans work?

I'm aware that the most likely suggestion is that I should try a different coach, which I think I will - once I've finished this plan, and selectively skipping some of the sessions. But it seems like this plan is really crazy! I'd be really interested in people's thoughts and experiences...I'll also try posting on the Garmin forum but I'm aware that it's a bit quieter over there.

  • I am in 13/17 week of Jeff's HM plan. in general his long run distances are more than race distance but your plan seems very high. I am doing max 12 speed repeats and farthest long run I ran was 27.3Km...

    24km and 18 speed repeats are quite high for 10k

  • I've started Jeff's 10k plan more than month ago (my goal 49 min), currently 6/13 week. I did 2 long runs during my plan, first 12 km second 14,5 km + some warm up. Don't know how it will be in future, but I hope it will stay on the same level. 

    Regarding speed repeats I started from 4 repeats, and it increased 2 repeats during each training, now I'm doing 8 speed repeats, and I hope it won't increase anymore. It look like this

    First Speed training - 4 repeats

    Second Speed training - 6 repeats

    3rd Speed training - 8 repeats

    4th Speed training - 8 repeats

    5th Speed training - 8 repeats

    Full Speed and Goal pace training took me no more than 1:15-1:20 h each time. Last long run took me 1:30 h. Hill training it's about 30 min.

    For me these training's are demanding but for now I'm able to complete them. In my opinion 18 reaps of Speed training are insane same as 24 km in long run. 

  • coach believes in you, you should man up and follow his lead.

  • I had the same trouble with the program. Quite heavy loads for a 10k.

    I figure that there is an issue between kilometers and miles: Jeff is thinking you are training for a 10 miles (not a 10k)!

    It is the only explanation have got.