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Gesture / Raise to wake settings won’t turn off

Just got the forerunner 265s yesterday and I love it so far. Only bug I’ve found is that I want to turn off the raise to wake settings so that the screen never turns on when I raise my wrist, only when I press the light button. No matter what I try, even with all the gesture settings off (in both general activity and workout mode) the screen keeps turning on when I move my wrist. The gesture settings are off in both the Watch settings and on garmin connect. 

Edit: I'm now working with Sierra from Garmin to figure out what is going on here. I was able to document some steps that maybe others can try to recreate, as the issue seems to be based around using a watch face not native to the default software:

-When I turn off the watch, and turn it on again, as long as it's using a default watch face that comes with the watch, the gesture setting works as expected (ie: if the setting is off, the watch stays off when my wrist is raised).
-However, when I go into the menu to change the watch face by holding down the left middle button and selecting "watch face", then select a face that I downloaded from ConnectIQ "Women of Adventure 2", made by Garmin, then suddenly the gesture setting behaves as if it's set to on, even though it's off.
-If I go back to a face that is native to the watch, the gesture setting acts as if it's on. 
-If I leave the watch face to one that was downloaded, turn the device off and power it on again, the setting is still ignored. 
-If I change it back to a native watch face, turn off and on again, the gesture setting works as intended. 
-So it seems like the setting is being ignored once you install a face that isn't a default one!