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Gesture / Raise to wake settings won’t turn off

Just got the forerunner 265s yesterday and I love it so far. Only bug I’ve found is that I want to turn off the raise to wake settings so that the screen never turns on when I raise my wrist, only when I press the light button. No matter what I try, even with all the gesture settings off (in both general activity and workout mode) the screen keeps turning on when I move my wrist. The gesture settings are off in both the Watch settings and on garmin connect. 

Edit: I'm now working with Sierra from Garmin to figure out what is going on here. I was able to document some steps that maybe others can try to recreate, as the issue seems to be based around using a watch face not native to the default software:

-When I turn off the watch, and turn it on again, as long as it's using a default watch face that comes with the watch, the gesture setting works as expected (ie: if the setting is off, the watch stays off when my wrist is raised).
-However, when I go into the menu to change the watch face by holding down the left middle button and selecting "watch face", then select a face that I downloaded from ConnectIQ "Women of Adventure 2", made by Garmin, then suddenly the gesture setting behaves as if it's set to on, even though it's off.
-If I go back to a face that is native to the watch, the gesture setting acts as if it's on. 
-If I leave the watch face to one that was downloaded, turn the device off and power it on again, the setting is still ignored. 
-If I change it back to a native watch face, turn off and on again, the gesture setting works as intended. 
-So it seems like the setting is being ignored once you install a face that isn't a default one!
  • Same here
    When I turn off the "Gesture" function, the display still turns on when I move my wrist

  • They seem to be unable to program this backlight and screen on thing properly. On the FR255, for example, when paying (after entering the PIN), when starting outdoor sports, the backlight always comes on, even though everything is OFF. They are aware of the error, they have reported back that they have opened a problem ticket for it, yet nothing has happened since several firmware versions.
    For a MIP watch this is not so serious, but for an AMOLED it is a bit (very) different ...

  • I think It should work just like on the venu 2.

    If I deactivate "Gesture",
    use an AOD watchface and it switches to low power mode and then I turn the wrist, NOTHING should happen.

    But unfortunately currently the watchface then turns on completely.

    Can not imagine that this is so correct.

  • Do you also have a Venu 2? Does it have a light sensor? Because I can't imagine a phone with AMOLED without it.

    Anyway, it's so strange that such a fundamental error is not discovered before the launch. Oh, and not a single reviewer noticed? I really don't get it.

  • Yes, also have a venu 2 here
    Both watches have the sensor Thumbsup

    Also surprised that you don't read anything about it, that the "gesture" function is broken ...

  • I'm both relieved and disappointed that it's not just happening to me. such a bummer. hopefully the next update fixes this bug!

  • Until the bug is fixed you can always place your palm over the display to turn it off (instead of always pressing the light button).

  • that does not work on mine. 

  • Then your watch definitely must have a bug because if you palm the watch face, the display turns off. If doesn't work if you just hover the palm over the watch face--you have to actually "palm" it and press the palm into the watch.

  • All, 

    I'm unable to reproduce this on my 265, but am happy to create a report. If you are experiencing this, please respond to the following: 

    1) May we have permission to email you?

    2) May we have permission, if necessary, to access your Connect account?

    3) In which country are you located?