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Forerunner 255 Software Version 18.22 - 100% Rollout

Software version 18.22 for the Forerunner 255 is currently at 100% rollout. This update can be downloaded through Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile when available.

Change Log for 18.22:

  • Automatically detects a transition to the next sport in a multisport activity such as a triathlon.
  • Adds Lap Undo.
  • Adds the Sleep Coach glance.
  • Runners can access a world wide database of tracks.
  • Adds the jump rope activity.
  • Adds male voice audio prompts.
  • Improved headset compatibility.
  • Improved optical heart rate performance in cold weather.
  • Fixed strength profile set weight now remembered in structured workout.
  • Fixed backlight brightness level when using real time settings.
  • Fixed truncated text on map navigation data fields.
  • Fixed freeze/crash associated with trying to update weather info on invalid location data.
  • Fixed various sport profile settings bugs.
  • Fixed text clipping issues in activity summary page.
  • Fixed backlight gesture not working in do not disturb mode.
  • Fixed slow notification updates on watch face notification data field.
  • Fixed various UI and system bugs.
  • Updated Mobile Translations.