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Bug: FR255 Daily Suggested Workout - Sprint - Data Screen Issue

I have found on 2 different FR255 (1st one returned for button issue) that if I move to a different data screen during a sprint workout (daily suggested workouts), during one of the sprint/rest sets I can not get back to the main default data screen, instead it goes to a screen shown in the picture which says how much time is remaining during rest and what the next segment is with an arrow pointing to the back button to skip to the next segment.  Initially I thought maybe this is what they intended, although it didn't make sense because it only happens if I move off the initial screen and secondly it's actually inconvenient because I can't see what set I'm unless I check my watch during the sprint portion, which is a pain for obvious reasons.  But what tipped me off to this being a bug is when the sprint/rest portion completes and it moves to the Cool-down, the screen remains and still says "Rest" with the correct time remaining for the cool-down (the picture shown is actually from the Cool-down stage), but it continues to show the next segment is the sprint.  This continued for the duration of the cool down except right after an Auto Lap screen came up then after that it returned to the standard workout data screen with about 17 seconds left in the workout.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I have not experienced this with other daily recommended workouts that include intervals or sets, just Sprint workouts.

  • Does no one use Daily Suggested Workouts or just never change the data screens during a sprint workout?  I can't imagine it's an isolated issue since 100% of the FR255 I've had (Qty 2) had/has this issue.  I confirmed today the bug is still present with software version 11.12

  • Thanks for confirming.  Have you only encountered it during Sprint workouts or any others?  Currently I have only noticed it on Sprint workouts.

  • Same issue here. I got my FR255 two days ago. I think it works properly if you dont move to another screen.

    It always says "rest" even when it's not rest time. It can get fixed partially if you go ahead and see all screens 

    Then i discovered another bug. During "base" activity, data screen with 5 fields, two or three times some lines between fields get out or instead been straigh one was like a zig-zag.

    Not sure if i should request a new watch. Hope they can resolve this bugs soon.

  • Well I don't think a new watch will fix the sprint workout bug.  I have noticed that it's only happens when you change the screens during the sprint/rest portion of the workout, so I'm careful not to, however during the warmup and cool-down portions I can change screens with no problems.  As for the "base" activities data screen issue you mentioned I have not seen that but I currently only have 6 and 4 data field screens.  I will have to try a 5 field screen to see if I have the same issue.

  • Thanks for the quick response. I feel better now I know I m not the only one with the issue haha. With that been said, i didnt find any other major issue. Just two workouts, but so far so good. (I come from a fr55 so this is like ferrari haha)

    How does this forum work? Will Garmin technician receive this information? I saw some responses from "garmin users" in other threads.

  • Yeah I haven't had anything that is too major, the biggest one right now that I have is selecting %HRR to set heart rate zones doesn't work but uses the default %MaxHR, but fortunately I can set them manually.  There's a thread for that one on FR255/955 forums.  I came from a FR245 and have no regrets with the FR255, hopefully these smaller bugs will get cleaned up in time. Regarding how the forums work with respect to Garmin I'm not quite sure.  They seem to monitor them as they are involved in the HR zones threads.  Maybe they only address ones that have enough user complaints and target those first and the smaller bugs continue to live another day.

  • Same problem for me. I usually go right after a sprint to my ConnectIQ screen to check for HR and then I end up with the exact same issue as you. What's the worst is that you cannot check at which step number of the workout you are unless checking right before a sprint