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New Training Status with HRV - jury is out

I am a long time user of EliteHRV so I was keen to see how the new Garmin HRV tracking worked out - I guess I have had the watch long enough for it to show up.

Firstly my Training Status is 'Strained' according to Garmin..

...whereas EliteHRV which I have used for several years indicates that while I am not in peak condition. I do not need to ease up and that my current load vs. fatigue is fine.

Which one do I believe? As EliteHRV is connected to a Polar H10 (the gold standard for HRV tracking), then I think I need to go with Elite HRV vs. Garmin's HRV derived from an optical sensor.

Its possible Garmin may continue to adapt to me but right now it feels overly cautious. For context my load is lower than usual as I have a trail half marathon coming up in a few days.

  • Early days. But really, don't believe either of them. Or at least don't take either as too "absolute". It's just additional information for what your body should be telling you anyway.

  • It's just additional information for what your body should be telling you anyway.

    Sure - I am 100% with you on that - always listen to your body!

    But I have always been sceptical of several Garmin metrics that others treat as gospel - all my other resting HR, general feel, power / pace vs HR are good etc, so my first impression is that these new HRV metrics may not be too trustworthy

    'Information' is only useful if its reliable after all.

  • Even without HRV, it takes some time for new watch to learn first few workouts with the 255 indicated "Overreaching" status for workouts that were not very difficult. Now back into Productive. I don't use any of this to guide my runs. There's really no way for Garmin to know where I am in the training cycle.

  • This just doesn't work for me at all..

    This morning from the 255:

    From Elite HRV:

    I didn't expect reliable HRV from an optical sensor, but the disconnect from readings using a Polar H10 or HRM Pro is huge.

    My F6 Pro and the HRV written to .FIT via Log HRV Status = On shows all is well...I really hope people do not take wrist based HRV seriously...!