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Watch Face Mileage Goal

On the default watch face, the top shows a weekly mileage goal (and your current weekly mileage total). Is the goal a generic number, a number that fluctuates with average weekly mileage, or is there a way to set a default mileage goal for the week?

I can’t seem to find an answer or how to change the number.

  • I need an help on this topic too. Any help?

  • My goal just changed from 20 to 30 today on its own. So there must be an auto calculation happening.

  • Not sure about what I'm going to say as I don't own a 255, but on my Venu 2 the goal is based on step count and that goal can be variable or fixed. I'm a developer of watch faces and I can transform that goal to distance (in miles or kilometers) based on the step length, so I imagine that Garmin is doing the same here on the default watch face. 

    Have a look at the step goal (on the watch or on Garmin Connect), so you can define a fixed number of steps (instead of variable) and that will (very likely) be converted to a distance goal.

  • My FR255 also is showing an arbitrary mileage goal for that widget. I’m certain mine is only taking into consideration my running activity mileage, not steps or step goals. I do have a yearly mileage goal setup in Garmin Connect but even at that, my  weekly mileage would/should be much higher. I also thought it was the workouts in my calendar but those this week add up to less than what my watch says my goal is. I hope Garmin maybe has an explanation.