255S Music GPS Not Working

Going to return my 255S Music since it just does not find a GPS signal but thought I'd post here in case anyone has run into and fixed this issue..

I assume it starts trying to estimate distance without GPS once I've started, I usually run 6.2 miles and it's always +/- 2 miles at the moment. Location wise I've not had issues with my 245 and 235 before in the same spots. Things I've tried:

- On/off
- Resetting the watch
- Attempted all GPS configurations
- Have waited for over 20 minutes with no signal being reached (no buildings/obstructions and 245/235 were fine in the same spots)
- Have tried locating with phone present
- Have tried using Garmin express (this was recommended by Garmin, although not specifically for this watch) 

Thanks for anyone that has any suggestions!