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Watchface for good battery life

Good morning,

I was wondering what your thoughts are on watchfaces, for saving battery life.

 Obviously, if I display data like weather, notifications, it will matter.

 Currently I'm using a stock Garmin watchface- though it does show seconds as well as heart rate.



  • You won't get any better battery life with non stock watches. If you don't need seconds, avoiding 1s updates will save more battery.

    The 6th choice stock watchface should offer the best battery life I think.

  • Thanks - indeed, that one is pretty simple.

  • One I found that I really like is "Clear & Powerful".  Unlike most I have found, you can set it up to have a very clean/classy watchface with only time (hh:mm), date and AM/PM and then on gesture you can see what metrics you like (ie, HR, steps etc).  Battery life seems to be as good as any other non-second updating watchface.

  • Thank you all - I tested the below suggestions, and what I found:

    - with a 3rd party watch face, without seconds, I lost on average 1% per 3 hours

    - with a stock Garmin watch face, with seconds, I lost on average 1% per 3.1 hours - I'm guessing Garmin knows what they are doing :)

  • And another update.

     After looking through a ton of forums, I installed the Glance Pro watch face. I turned off seconds, and also the "HR always on" feature. This way the screen only updates the heart rate when I gesture with my wrist.

     Daily battery drain is down to 6-7%!!! Meaning in theory with my usage, it would net 16-18 days of battery life in a single charge.

     I'm thoroughly impressed.

  • On my Fenix 6 Pro, Glance uses more than stock - costs 3/4 day over a typically weekly charge.

  • Thanks, I guess it is fully configuration dependent.

    I have:
    - Active minutes (weekly)
    - Date
    - Time (without seconds)
    - Heart Rate (only updates on gesture)
    - Daily steps
    - Battery percentage

  • What I would suggest is to give it a FULL charge cycle from 100% to less than 10%.

    Battery doesn't drop in a linear fashion so you can't really be sure until you've gone through a full charge / discharge cycle. 

    I think given that CIQ runs in a virtual sandbox you will use more battery than stock, assuming all update intervals are the same.