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Forerunner 255 Series Button Issues


I have a new Forerunner 255 46mm. The 3 buttons on the left hand side of the watch, and the activity button feel like firm, high quality, single press buttons. However the back button feels like a 2 step button, is soft on pressing and doesn't have the nice 'clicky' feel that the others have. Is this by design or manufacturing fault? 


  • Same here for the back and start/stop button.

  • I was doing some cycling workouts this morning and on the last workout I had a problem with getting the top right button to respond to stop the activity  Needed several presses. First time this has happened in two weeks.

    Although my back button feels soggy and not clicky it responds OK.

    The buttons do feel less responsive than those on my F6 Pro generally,  I think its more to do with 'feel' they just feel less tactile somehow.

  • That’s interesting. I’d reach out to Garmin and see what they say. Sounds like quite a few of us are running into some button issues. If you let Garmin know they’ll get a better handle on how widespread this issue is. Thankfully this doesn’t appear to be on all devices. Maybe an early production run?

  • Replacement should be arriving on Friday. I’ll update this once I get the box open. Hopefully it’s just a few devices and not a widespread issue. Agree that in the end, it will be alright. 

  • I ended up buying another one and am returning my original.  The new one still has a spongy back button but not as bad as my first one.  Makes me wonder if they actually have different design internals for the back button (which doesn't make sense) or maybe I'm just unlucky.  All-in-all if its actually a quality problem, it raises a bigger question on how Garmin can make so many watches with these type of buttons and still not have it worked out.

  • This seems to be an issue that comes up with almost every new release, and more so for the first round of production. Is why I think I'm going to wait until they've gone through a few production cycles and worked the bugs out of both the hardware and software before switching over from my F6.

  • I made the experience that I have to push trough the start/pause button completely to get the reaction. On my FR245 it responds immediately.

  • Replacement arrived today and it’s better, but not perfect. I’ll probably reach out to Garmin again on Monday to get their take. The three on the left are good, but the back button and activity button are still a little mushy. Again, it’s better than the first one I got, but how much better is up for debate. Garmin is definitely aware of the problem. I wonder what they will do about it if anything?

  • Until today I have checked 8 watches (2 255s Music and 6 255 Music). None of them had properly working buttons! Double click, no click,... Thats absolutely inacceptable for a 400€ watch. I am so disappointed :( I have tried contacting Garmin on social media regarding this matter, but I have received no response at all.

  • My buttons have improved with usage and even the back button clicks now, although still not as clicky as the start button which has the most obvious click.

    The soggiest least used button (top left) is now the least clicky. Very occasionally the botton left button would make a 'clank' type noise when popping back.

    Each button does feel subtley different to the other. The back button has improved noticeably for me and that one felt the worse by far originally.