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Backlight settings bug

Although the backlight is disabled with the buttons (and also with the gesture), pressing the down button to enter the widgets turns on the light, in the HR, steps and body battery widgets. In other widgets it does not happen.

EDIT 23/6/2022. 

As Duffman19 says, it only happens when the hr widget is visible.
It also happens when taking the PulseOx measurement.
  • Any update on this bug? 

    In latest firmware the bug is still there. 

  • In the beta firmware (12.20), the backlight no longer comes on when I enter glances and scroll through. However, at other times it does...for example, when I go into an activity (Start - Run) it turns on, even before I begin that activity. I have backlight turned off completely for both general use and during activity, so this is still a bug.

  • All,

    We have released a fix in the latest software release that should resolve the report for most users experiencing these symptoms.  The software release should continue rolling out to all users in the coming days.  If you are still experiencing symptoms like the original report here, please start a new thread.