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SW version 10.10 crashes on navigation map


I've updated my new FR 255 Music from SW version 9.12 to 10.10.
Now the watch crashes reproducible when using navigation. With 9.12 it didn't.

Steps to reproduce:
* Setup an activity and add data screen "Map" to it
* from watch face: press START, select the Activity, press UP and select Navigation
* select Courses/<some course>/Do Course or select Activities/<some activity>/Go
* when back on activity, cycle through the data screens
* as soon as you get to the Map screen the watch crashes and reboots

I've delete and re-uploaded the course with 10.10 or tried to navigate an activity which was created with 10.10 but it still crashes.
I've also reset the watch (System/Reset/Delete Data and Reset Setting) and retried without success.

Since the watch crashes reproducible and didn't with 9.12, this seems to be a newly introduced bug in 10.10.

Has anyone else observed this?

It only seems to crash if used with "Other" activities.