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245 Series SW 4.20 is live!

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically through Garmin Connect Mobile. (pending rollout)

Change Log

  • Support the release of some updated CIQ apps.
  • Please update bluetooth. Airpods can not double-tap to skip song.

  • An obvious question is open. Wich updated CIQ apps will be supported then?
  • Since v4.10 my Forerunner 245 WON'T CONNECT to Bluetooth sensors. I had to do a factory reset and set up the watch again (settings, apps, watch faces, datafields...) some days ago and it was able to connect. Today when I woke up my watch had updated to v4.20 and guess what... it won's connect to Bluetooth sensors again. The problem shows up only with Bluetooth sensors, not with the ANT+ ones and also the watch can sync with the app with no problems at all. My sensors work with other apps perfectly. I'm trying to reach Garmin Support via e-mail ad chat but NOBODY has ever answered. Please fix that issue.

  • I haven't been able to install this update through Garmin Express, the update software reports lacking free space even when I deleted all previous activity leaving only march activities. By the way, the TEMP folder contains 0 items. Any suggestions?

  • I'm having this problem too! I've been on contact with Garmin support over the last few days as it just won't connect to my iPhone and we've troubleshooted it until the death...they've agreed I can have my device replaced and then today I saw this update is available. Tried to update my device but no space...HELP!!!!

  • I am having Bluetooth issue too! Having problems connecting to my phone's Bluetooth.  Have to keep on turning watch on and off again to try and get it to work.  Only had the watch a week, so not really happy about this.

  • Yeah my watch can't connect with my phone too. Don't know what's wrong. Everything worked great until this morning

  • I have a Forerunner 945 with 4.20 and I had the same issue. Open Garmin Connect app on phone, In the watch, go to Phone > Pair Phone and see what happens. Worked for me...

  • Thank you fit4tri, managed to get my watch to sync to my phone (Huawei P20 lite) earlier on.  Had to turn on the location on my phone to get it to work, no idea why I had to do this, but it synced.  I've paired it to my Garmin app a few times, but on the Bluetooth settings on my phone, the watch won't display as paired.  Every time I refresh the phone's Bluetooth it tells me it can't find my device.

  • Hi. After this update all my activities gone, my watch changed language and during next training gps worked crazy. During 9km run I was on 12000 meters high... Track was also bad (jumped from place to place) . What can be the problem?