Jabra Elite 65t connection drops due to Dynamic Running Pod

My Jabra Elite 65t has issues connecting to FR245M

 I finally got it to work by turning off wifi and blutooth on my Samsung Galaxy S10+.  Then, connection dropped when the Dynamic Running Pod turned on.

How do I get my earbuds and Dynamic Running Pod to both connect and work with FR245M?

Thank you, 



UPDATE:  I bypassed the above issue by downloading a Spotify running playlist to my FR245M.  I listen to this playlist when I run and leave my phone at home.

Also,  Garmin functionality has so much to offer that I just flat out stopped using Aaptiv workouts (Aaptiv required me to use my phone when running).  At some point, I'll probably want to go back to using Aaptiv and will require my phone when I run so I'll have to figure out a resolution to the above dilemma.  Not sure how I'd have my ear buds connected to my phone for Aaptiv and also connected to my FR245M to get voice alerts.