Forerunner 245 music - spotify not working

I just bought a whole new forerunner 245 music (software version 370 - November 2019) and want to use it with Spotify. According to garmin this should work.

I have downloaded the manual and it says that it is possible. So I am now trying to install the app from Connect IQ. The forerunner 245 Music is in the compatibles list.

I have gone through all the steps. I get a neat message from the forerunner 245 music that the installation was successful, but the spotify app is not working. If I press the UP key, nothing happens. The spotity app is clearly visible in the configuration, but does not work. If I install Deezer instead, it will work. Also tried from another cell phone.

I would like to know when Spotify can be used on the Forerunner 245 music. According to garmin it should work but to no avail!

Please help !! Did anyone get this working??

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