Update 3.0 bluetooth issues

Hello, my Garmin bluetooth conectivity randomly stops working. Mostly, it's after an activity (doesn't matter which one), but sometimes happen out of nowhere. The fix for this seems to be restarting the device. When the device doesn't sync, it seems the bluetooth is turned off, because the device is not visible from phones (tried more phones). However the bluetooth setting in the device is on.

Sometimes the device turn off/on works, other times, it will connect to the phone after turning garmin on, but just for 5 seconds and then lose the connection. This repeats a lot, so getting the connection locked is really pain.

Tried: Garmin watch factory resset, phone reset, Garmin connect mobile app reinstall, removing device from Connect and adding back (this caused a lot of trouble, I wasn't able to to pair the device for hours)
It seems the trouble began with the 3.0 software update. Any suggestions how, or when will this be resolved or should I return the device and get a new one?

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