Update 3.0 bluetooth issues

Hello, my Garmin bluetooth conectivity randomly stops working. Mostly, it's after an activity (doesn't matter which one), but sometimes happen out of nowhere. The fix for this seems to be restarting the device. When the device doesn't sync, it seems the bluetooth is turned off, because the device is not visible from phones (tried more phones). However the bluetooth setting in the device is on.

Sometimes the device turn off/on works, other times, it will connect to the phone after turning garmin on, but just for 5 seconds and then lose the connection. This repeats a lot, so getting the connection locked is really pain.

Tried: Garmin watch factory resset, phone reset, Garmin connect mobile app reinstall, removing device from Connect and adding back (this caused a lot of trouble, I wasn't able to to pair the device for hours)
It seems the trouble began with the 3.0 software update. Any suggestions how, or when will this be resolved or should I return the device and get a new one?

  • Hello.

    Am expriencing some of these issues as well, starting from 3.0 update.


  • I have a similar issue: With my new bluetooth headphones (Sony WF-1000XM3) I was experiencing issues with the 2.94 beta already. For me the issues only started when I started an activity. Now after the 3.0 update the issues occur as soon as I enter the activity menu. So when I enter the menu while my music is already running it starts to "stutter".

  • I got the 3.0 update last night.  This morning, my Aftershockz Air headphones had several disconnects where music completely stopped.  Also the button on the left is now screwed up. Before the update, you could press once to pause, and twice quickly to skip to the next song.  Now it acts as a volume up button.

    Up until the 3.0 upgrade, I had zero issues with bluetooth.  Ugh.

  • After a couple of days of this, I started to notice a few patterns.  I have three Spotify playlists on the watch, each with at least 18 songs.  I noticed the following:

    1. No matter which playlist I chose, the "random" function would not work.

    2. If I let it just play, a small percentage of the playlist would play, and then just stop.  It was around 20% of the songs (a list with 18 songs only played 4 songs), one with 48 songs only played the first 9.  This was 100% repeatable - it _never_ played more than the first few songs.

    3. The button on my headphones prior to the updated was a pause/fast foward button, started acting like a volume button about half the time.  The other half the time it worked normally.

    I just figured I'd do a reset to defaults, which sucks because I had to reload a lot of data.

    But it worked.  I had to reset settings on my watch face, redownload my spotify playlists, etc.

    But it seems to have fixed it.